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The paper 'Skills Required to Succeed as a Student" is a great example of education coursework.   This paper intends to discuss the skills required to succeed as a student. The skills have been classified into various categories including skills to succeed as a social being in the world, skills required for critical thinking, skills required to adapt to the world, and skills necessary to solve problems. Given the identified skills, it is imperative to assess my own level of achievement of these pertinent skills then proceed to identify gaps and how to bridge the gaps. Audit of own skills Skills for socializing with others My level of attainment of social skills is excellent.

The rationale behind this assertion is that I am able to read, write, speak, and listen to others in the official national language. Besides being able to communicate nonverbally, I have collaborative skills that have to enable me to contribute to discussion groups in class. I am also a good leader given that I often lead my group discussions. In times of conflict, I have been able to lead others, reach a resolution, take action, and be responsible for particular events.

Throughout my education, I have managed to develop a healthy and positive relationship with my classmates specifically in daily school activities. Notwithstanding the fact that I relate well with people, I usually establish appropriate boundaries. Skills for making sense of nature Cognitive processes play a critical role in the development of skills that aid in making sense of the world (Cooper 48). One of the skills within this category is logical reasoning. I have substantially developed this skill such that I am able to make predictions, identify faults, and draw conclusions.

On a daily basis, I have been using numerical data to make decisions. Such data included my own finances and how I will spend the funds during a term in college. I am still in the process of shaping my analytical skills, which will be evidenced by the capacity to identify patterns, classify elements, and compare and contrast. In my class, I have been exposed to various materials hence gained the ability to evaluate sources and draw conclusions from the provided evidence.

Concerning integration skills, I am working towards improving the ability to combine separate ideas into a single coherent idea. Skills for personal growth and success Amy, Gwenn, Lori, and Terry (6) assert that self-reflection develops a successful student. Concisely, the achievement is evaluated by conducting a self-assessment of personal abilities. This is also in line with understanding own strengths and weaknesses. Through feedback from college examinations, I have been able to come up with a plan of how to improve my grades in the subsequent semester i. e. working harder and participating within groups.

Grading often acts as a reference point for personal development. Besides, I have clearly outlined the personal goals and objectives that have been instrumental in guiding my progress. In situations where I was not able to meet my goals and objectives, I would develop new strategies that served the purpose of driving me to attain the goals. Considering the skill of self-management, I have always managed my time by developing a timetable and schedule of daily activities both school and non-school activities. This is why I have been proficient in managing activities consequently avoiding deadline related stress.

To add on the aspect of self-management, I am always independent in making my own decisions but also consult peers and other senior personnel when faced with a difficult situation. Metacognitive skill is also requisite in personal development. In line with this skill, I am aware of my own strengths and weaknesses. I have also changed my approaches to learning in order to realize a better outcome.

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