Essays on Skills Work Based Learnning Supplementery Materials Assignment

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SkillsOn the basis of the exercises that I had completed so far, I had discovered a lot about myself. I have discovered that skills play important roles in the effective and efficient performance in the job. This is especially true since a lot of people are into rapidly changing work environment. These skills need to be present in a person in order to better address the different facets of the job. These exercises help me acquire development experiences that I need to be effective in my organization as well as in my personal life.

These experiences opened my awareness on the important practices for improving my performance, having focus, and appreciate the feedbacks that I get from my co-workers, supervisors, family and the people around me. Some of the learning I got are new communication skills, problem-solving skills and leadership skills. More importantly, I had learned to improve on my effectiveness by acquiring the necessary skills. The areas of development that I feel that I plan to address are the handling of stress through untoward incidence that may happen on the job.

These skills will improve my weaknesses by balancing them. Handling stress will improve my strengths by complementing on the positive aspects of my personality. They will develop rapport by putting together all the needed skills in order to come up with an efficient team that addresses the requirements of a good group. Endurance is one aspect that needs to be worked on for those who are into fire safety and rescue. Regular endurance training need to be undergone by those in the fire safety and rescue profession. On the job, the firefighters / rescuers are exposed to intense physical conditions.

Hence, training / seminars should be given in order for these fire safety rescuers to lift heavy objects or be alert in times of need. During training workshops, they simulate situations that they may encounter in the field when working to extinguish fires and rescue those caught in the fire. These types of seminars will help insure that fire safety and rescue workers are fit for duty and they can carry their own dangerous complications. Regular provision of endurance training can provide feedbacks about the fire safety and rescue workers.

The series of workshops can gather vital signs during the conduct of workshops in order to study the physiologic condition of firefighters when working in high-stress situations. From the data to be gathered, a glimpse into the fire safety rescuers’ health can help for future plan for the rescuers. Through these, more efficient fire safety guidelines can be created. These can provide important safety knowledge to different stakeholders in this sector. They will also contribute to the well-being of fire safety and rescue workers while on their respective jobs.

Area for improvement is the other skill necessary which is the ability to getting the work done at the shortest time possible. All these skills mentioned above contribute to the efficiency in the fire safety and rescue sector.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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