Essays on Service Management at Pet Grooming Salon Service Case Study

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The paper "Service Management at Pet Grooming Salon Service" is a great example of a management case study.   This paper details a service blueprint for a pet grooming salon that offers grooming services such as bathing, haircuts, nail clipping, and brushing. Pet owners pay for these services even though it is their pets that enjoy the service. Pet grooming salons ensure that pets are clean and look appealing as per the requirements of their owners. A service blueprint will help businesses such as the pet grooming salon understand their service production and delivery process and how it can be improved to be more efficient.

The service blueprint will also ensure that such a business understands the relationship and interaction points between the organization and its customers (Bitner, Ostrom, and Morgan 2008). A service blueprint is an effective tool in understanding the failure points that need to be addressed in order to uphold high-quality standards of service delivery. The services selected for blueprinting in the pet grooming business include reception, booking, and pet checkout. These services are important to such a business since they are the points of interaction between the business and its customers. Key customer actions depicted in the blueprint The first key customer action is the entry into the reception area and inquiry into the availability, cost, and duration of the required grooming services for their pet.

This action is critical to the success of the service experience as it is the first opportunity that the business has to make a positive impression in the mind of the customer. According to Rao, (2011) consumer buying decision is influenced by several factors including the first impression they make of the reputation and positioning of a product or brand.

For the pet grooming business, it is important that the customer is able to have got all their important inquiries responded to in a professional manner. The second customer action is booking their pet for grooming services. This action is crucial to the success of the service since the customer’ s attitude towards the business will be further influenced by the level of professionalism they expect from the employees during the booking process. The final customer action is the picking up of their pet after grooming.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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