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The paper 'Small Business Feasibility' is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. The main reason for starting Pan-Alpina Tours is based on the fact that Australia has one of the best tourist attraction sites in the world. The gross income for the Australia government as returns from tourism is close to $94.8 million a day as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 2003). The popular areas that attract tourists include the coastal cities such as Sydney, and Melbourne while Queensland, the Gold Coast, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Wildlife is also a great tourist attraction because of its abundance. Due to the great demand for tour services, Pan-Alpina will seek to meet the requirements of the tour business. Firstly it seeks to provide tourist travel-planning services for all those who want to take and view the wildlife and geographical features of Australia. It is also to capitalize on the tourism industry by being the best and most competitive touring agency in Australia to boost the economy and also bring a lot of profit as returns (Conrad, 1998). Mission Statement The main mission of Pan-Alpina Tours is to become the premier tour service provider in Australia providing services to all persons of all ages.

It intends and is dedicated to providing quality customer care to tourists by employing and training only the best tour service providers with high standards, teaching, and experience. The other mission is that it should be the leading tour provider by 2014 with a well-established customer base. Company Goals and Objectives Company Goals The main goals of Pan-Alpine Tours are that in the next two years to be one of the leading tour service providers in the whole of Australia.

It will also be one of the most trusted in customer service proving and one that needs to be emulated in terms of management and profit-making. Company Objectives The touring service business is a growth industry, that is you will never lack tourists at any time of the year, the main objective of Pan-Alpine Tours is to provide services the whole year to cater for all tourists at any time of the year. It is also our main aim to surpass our estimated profits annually to above $100 million per annum due to the provision of great services and the good marketing plan employed by our company (Beckwith, 1997). Business Philosophy In carrying out any kind of business, my main philosophy is based on that start small dream big.

This is because a good service to one customer brings you more customers based on the already established good service base on that one customer. Every person anywhere is a potential of investment or an asset to your company and hence make sure that all services offered are equal to all persons.

This will also provide a good phase of reputation that people have to the company. Product and Services The main aim of Pan-Alpina Tours is to provide for the needs of tourists who visit the game parks, national parks, and the coastal areas.    


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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