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The paper 'Small Business Planning ' is a great example of a Business Case Study. According to Australian laws, it is essential for every business despite the size to acquire licenses. There is no company that can operate without a license because the business will be considered unlawful. Australian laws require everyone to register a business name with the registrar of companies before starting the business. The company needs to obtain a unique name so that it can be registered (Roberts, 2013). It is also a requirement that the planned name for your venture has no duplicate.

So before even thinking of applying for a license, it is essential to secure approval for your business name and have it registered. The next legal requirement under Australian laws is to make sure that the instructors have ample experience. They must be equipped with proper documentation. Each instructor must have a valid driving instructor’ s certificate. Furthermore, the Australians laws dictate that the instructors must have logged at least 1,000 hours of driving experience – this requires the proper documents too, and of course, he must have a valid driver’ s license. The cost involved in setting up this kind of business varies depending on various factors.

The location of the business, the nature of the business such as Classes offered for the trainees, and the government taxes. Finally, the charges offered by the business will depend on the training of the trainees. Trainees might have different needs, and this affects the cost they incur for it. It is vital for every business to comply with these laws for smooth business operations. Furthermore, complying with the requirement     Management Details Managing Director and Chief Instructor Stuart Roddick Mailing Address: 1431 Honaker Ave Princeton, WV 24740-3047Phone: 0800-764981 Fax: 088-669017Qualifications: M.A. , University of Colorado, Boulder; Philosophy Accounting Manager: Chris Curtin Email:   chris. curtin@awri. com. auPhone:   08 8313 6600 Fax:   08 8313 6601 Date of Birth: 20th of January 1979Qualifications: Bachelor of Business (Accounting).   Marketing Manager: Keith Meyrick Email address: @keithmerrick. com email  Phone: 080-248336 Fax: 085-112958Date of Birth: 4th of April, 1980Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Administration and Management Human Resource Manager: Moira Penman Email address: mpenman@themediaco. com. au   Phone: 02 9004 7879 Fax: 02 990433Date of Birth: 20th of July, 1985Qualifications: Diploma of Business Management/Associate  4.3 Organizational Structure and Staffing The main task of the Instructor in Perth Western Australia is to provide training services to the trainees.

The company expects that the trainers maintain a high level of discipline when delivering services to the trainers. It is essential for the human resources manager to provide training to the staff on areas concerning customer care. This vital to ensure that the instructors are handling the clients with a high level of discipline. Furthermore, trained instructors will automatically improve the image of the company (Connolly and Vaile, 2013). When the clients are treated well in terms of quality services, they will offer referrals to other potential customers.

This is a strong free marketing tool for the company. According to Kerzner, a satisfied client is capable of referring to many potential customers to the company. On the other, unsatisfied customers might also offer negative information concerning the company. This is very destructive and can affect the company indirectly.


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