Essays on Smart City Sector - Dubai, Doha, and Tokyo Case Study

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The paper 'Smart City Sector - Dubai, Doha, and Tokyo" is a good example of a management case study. A smart city is an urban area that is developed for the purpose of creating economic development that is sustainable as well as the quality of life that is high. It is achieved by attaining excellence in the multiple major areas a country’ s economy, government, environment, living standards, mobility and people. Such excellence comes by making sturdy investments in ICT infrastructure, social capital as well as human capital. A smart city is one that provides its citizens with basic infrastructure, a clean, sustainable environment, and a decent life by applying smart solutions (Coleman 2016, p. 1).

Dubai, Doha, and Tokyo are some of the smart cities among others all over the world. Dubai is a city that is matching the new era of improving to a smart city and embracing a quality of life that is higher. With the increased use of smart devices within the UAE which is one of the leading regions in penetration rates, Dubai is on its verge of developing to a lively city in the next few years.

Currently, Dubai has embarked on a program of large-scale transformation in becoming one of the many smart cities in the world (KPMG 2015, p. 5). The initiatives of Dubai aim at improving the people’ s quality of life through innovation and making the country more seamless, efficient, safe and having the capacity to deliver a city experience that is enriched through the use of smart technology. Three main themes underpin Dubai’ s adoption of the unique approach of developing a smart city including achieving integration, cooperation, and communication.

The approach will help in making the aspiration of Dubai in becoming the first smart city globally. Doha is one of the cities considered for having a significant chance of improving the journey towards the path of Smart City. Currently, Doha is listed as number forty-one on the Sustainable City Index. To grow as a smart city, Doha requires continuing to build a civic tech community through social entrepreneurship as well as technology groups.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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