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AbstractThis research will be based on the various models that would be most effective in promoting the use of smoke detection systems in the private housings in UAE. The research will also create many new approaches which many households can use in trying to combat fires in their private housings. This is due to the great concern of the increase of fires in many homes hence leading to a huge loss of properties and even deaths of people. (Artim, 2000). The research in this case will be explored by the use of the qualitative methodology and also use of the survey method in trying to conduct our research since this is one of the best methods of collecting data since the method gives unbiased results.

In doing our research, a survey will be conducted in three homes which are said to be using these smoke detectors will be surveyed on the various methods which they have been using in trying to have effective methods of using these fire detectors whereby results will later be analyzed as per the survey data.

The findings plus the resultants shall later be disseminated so that we can be in a position to have a feedback. In this case when trying to disseminate our results, it is assumed that it will be on local, national and also at the international level. (Artim, 2000). IntroductionSmoke detection is one of the processes which have been used in putting off fires in many countries. They do this by the use of the smoke detector which is one of the devices which is used by UEA and it is used so that it can alert people that there is a potential fire which is to occur in a certain area.

This smoke detector can be put in so many places say in organizations, households among other areas and its major role is to alert people that there is a danger of fire in that area. These smoke detectors have replaced the large use of fire alarms which are used by so many fire fighting ambulances which might tend to pollute the environment. So with these detectors, they are put in ceiling or even on walls near these ceilings hence can avoid the nuisances of the false alarms.

So you find that in the private housing, these smoke detectors have been quite effective in ensuring that the many cases of fire have been calmed down. (Artim, 2000). The most effective methods of promoting the use of these smoke detection system in UAE private housings include the air sampling smoke detector system. This is one of the useful systems which can even detect the microscopic particles of smoke. This system can work by drawing air which is drawn through a network of small bore pipes which can be laid either below or even above the ceiling.

This is very much effective in that it will be in a position to try and capture even the small particles of smoke in the building hence helping to combat these fires in the households. The air sampling smoke detection is also another system which is highly effective in these buildings. It is one of the systems which is highly sensitive to smoke hence you will find that when such systems are used in the house, it will be more effective in detecting smoke.

(Artim, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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