Essays on Social Analysis of the Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Assignment

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The paper "Social Analysis of the Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Knowledge Management has facilitated the solution of complex problems through the application of collective knowledge and information relating to the issue in favor of the organization. The organizations are implementing their programs for the achievement of the objectives to fulfill the mission of the organization through the utilization of the resources as on an optimum basis. The resources include financial, human, knowledge and information as input for making plausible solutions to the problems as to understand the issue.

Social Analysis with the assistance of social theories has the capacity to evolve solutions to complex organizational problems through the utilization of managerial tools in a coordinated and organized mechanism. The undertaking of part 1 of the assignment has facilitated the team members to understand the complex organizational structure with all its details including a job descriptions for all the members of the organization starting from the top management to the lower levels with all necessary details. The social analysis of the problem with the application of knowledge-based solutions provides frameworks to all the members of the organization to work with the utilization of collective knowledge in the shape of explicit knowledge for making the solutions to the problems(1).

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) provides services to a population of 1,250,000 in the seventeen municipalities in the Netherlands. The organization has identified the gaps in the service provision and has designed a strategy for their redresses with the utilization of resources in the form of human resources, knowledge and information as free information for the delivery of the services as per the satisfaction of the customers.

The social analysis has focused on the application of the social analysis through the utilization of both explicit as well as tacit knowledge as has been indicated in the concept of ba as introduced by a Japanese philosopher, Kitaro Nishida for the creation of knowledge among the organizations has helped in the solutions of the problems and in the information politics by James March in the decisions and organizations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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