Essays on Social Analysis of Business Intelligence Assignment

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The paper "Social Analysis of Business Intelligence" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Knowledge Management is one of the important tools for managing knowledge engineering projects for making plausible solutions. The knowledge management techniques provide engineering mechanisms for the analysis and understanding of the complex problem through their proper understanding. The system provides the necessary input to develop artificial intelligence for its further utilization in the system. The knowledge management agents work in a coordinated and well-focused manner for the achievement of the desired results. The application of the knowledge management techniques for making workable solutions in the area of seventeen municipalities in the Netherlands has shown a number of problems.

These problems are relating to the supply of necessary emergency services to heart patients in the area of study. The members of the working team have observed a number of problems during the implementation of the program. These problems are relating to the social background of the workforce, lack of coordination among all the members of the execution team and confused instruction from the top executives and management of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS).

The application of knowledge management techniques in the light of the concept of ba as introduced by a Japanese philosopher, Kitaro Nishida for the creation of knowledge among the individuals as well as organizations through the utilization of explicit and tacit knowledge and their inter-conversions. The application of information politics and the necessary information by the top management of the EMS may result in the solution of the problems in favor of the organization. The administration of the EMS needs to evaluate all these problems with all their necessary details for the development of a workable solution for the problems.

The solution of the problems with the utilization of explicit knowledge as collective wisdom will ensure the existence of the organization as a workable organization in the field of emergency services.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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