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The paper "Integrated Marketing Communication and the Promotion Mix " is a perfect example of a management report.   Social media has enabled communication amongst individuals across divergent platforms. Social media is a multifaceted element that allows companies to communicate directly with consumers and non-traditional sense where consumers can talk directly to each other. As a result; consumer-to-consumer communication has increased; effectively magnifying the marketplace. Social media marketing has emerged as a valuable marketing strategy for smart businesses. Just as friends gather in coffee shops, public pubs, different groups of individuals have gathered and connected through online social media platforms.

These individuals depend on an online network of friends for socializing, advice, and sharing. Newly created platforms are offering more rich interactions between different users. The frequency and timing of social media have bifurcated company control. Contrastingly, it gives the producers a low degree of control in integrated marketing communication. Information obtained in social media is proffered since it offers an in-depth analysis of products through consumer encounters. Social Media Marketing 1.0 Introduction The internet has revolutionized communication among individuals, organizations, and societies as a whole.

The recent developments in social networks and web 2.0 technologies have brought numerous possibilities and formidable development for companies and consumers. Online social users have increased tremendously, where socialization has played a key role in business. Such communication technologies have offered media-based sharing and forums; creating an environment where users can share ideas, services, and products. This particular evolution has shifted traditional marketing strategies and has transformed the marketing approach. As such, social media has influenced the relationship between marketers with their retailers, distribution channels, and consumers. Consumers are accorded with overwhelming information pertaining to specific services or products.

With respect to McKinsey’ s findings, it is advocated that when companies interact with other individuals, they increase information; that is formulated as an attribute of other attributes (Chui and Manyika, 2011). By understanding the vast amount of information on e-commerce websites, social media campaigns, and forums, most companies are translating their marketing approach to online platforms. This is attributed to the fact that internet marketing is relatively cheaper, and it can be easily accessed by their target audience (Chui and Manyika, 2012). The invention of the internet has significantly changed, given its proffered communication platforms.

Consumers are shifting from traditional advertisement and communicative channels such as radio and television, and are shifting increased information on media assertions. Additionally, consumers necessitate increased access to information, enabling them to make effective post-purchase decisions. Evidently, consumers have experienced increased usage of internet-based messages that are dispersed through internet-based media.


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