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Social media campaign evaluation Promoting Qatar Reasons for choosing Qatar as a topic for my social media campaign In my social media campaign, I opted to solely choose Qatar, due to the massive developments project the country is undergoing for the past one decade. The county’s government is keenly concentrating on immense investment in key project and events like sports, entertainment, and education. With these entire key developmental project coming up, Qatar, as a nation has a lot to offer to both local and international tourist than before. So I opted to start my campaign in an attempt to inform and encourage both international potential tourist and also local tourist to visit some of the most attractive upcoming places in the country. With the massive developmental project in place, Qatar has succeeded in establishing some of the most attractive and efficient shopping centers all over the world.

So my campaigns concentrate on targeting both international and local tourist. This is because targeting both local and foreign tourist, will immensely serves as sparks to propel Qatar rapidly growing economy to higher levels. In my campaign that I set on twitter, I had three key objectives that I wanted to achieve.

These objectives include; to promote the facilities and tourist attraction in Qatar, also to ensure my social site give information necessary to guide potential tourist and local Qatar citizens in their plan to visit Qatar, and finally to create a platform to interact and engage with followers. Tools I used to measure the success of the campaign I opted to use follower wonk program in my attempts to search for main words like travel, food and shopping.

I decided to use this program in pursuit of searching some of the key words in an attempt to gain more followers who could be interested in the program. Though the response did not reach my target of attracting at least 250 followers, the turn up was encouraging. Through the use of follower wonk, I managed to get 143 followers. Secondly, I used crowd booster, to check the retweeted tweets.

Through this program, I succeeded to reply to tweeted tweet by the followers. Through this program, I was able to identify the most fascinating tweets. As a result, I managed to capture the followers’ attention. I successfully managed to achieve 14 retweets on my twitter. Lastly, I used social Bro to test and come up with the best time to tweet during the day. The program enabled me to come up with appropriate time to tweet during the day. Through this, I have managed to get 9 mentions during the period I log in to my twitter during the day.

Plans for next semester In the coming semester, I have already laid down a plan in my endeavor to intensify my campaign. For the next three months of the next semester, I want to popularize Qatar and make it one of the world’s tourist destination centers.

To achieve this, I have already finalized my plans to open a face book page. This will enhance chances of reaching more target audience. I plan to use hoot suite to link my twitter account and the face book account. This will offer more users chance to interact. As a result, my campaign will be more effective than before. Conclusion Though I have attained my objective of getting at least 100 followers, I did not fully manage to increase the interaction of followers.

This may have happened due to my failure to use more interactive tweets. So I plan to adopt Social baker program to relate the content of the tweet and the content of the face book so as to increase the engagement amongst my followers

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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