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The paper "Social Media Marketing" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   Marketing is one of the most important departments that a company cannot do without since it aids in building stronger market power in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, businesses are doing advertisement in different ways whenever a new product or services emerge or when they want to expand the market for their real goods or services. One of the cheapest ways of doing marketing is by use of social media which can be done through Facebook and Instagram.

Therefore, organizations that are aspiring for growth and expansion of their market can use these social sites to do advertisement through social media. Consequently, due to the wide range of users of Facebook and Instagram, these social sites have a marketing advantage to enterprises and thus can be used in strengthening the marketing power. Summary of the Report The report starts with a review of social media marketing which begins with a definition of social media marketing and its use in brand promotion giving examples of Facebook and Instagram as companies to be used in social media advertising.

The next part of the report discusses the importance of social media marketing which includes: provisions of a platform for interaction with clients, enables organizations to monitor and measure performance, helps a company to minimize the promotion expenses since its cheap, and the social media also allows the company to advertise other products while marketing a single product since the customer can get into the enterprise’ s website. The paper also analyzes the importance of social media marketing which includes: gives customers a chance to air their views, intensifies competition which lowers the price of goods, and also enables online solving of customers’ problems thus saving their time.

Additionally, the report looks into the advantages that social media marketing forms have over the traditional forms of marketing. Social media marketing has some disadvantages associated with it and therefore the report continues with a discussion of these demerits associated with social media promotion. Finally, the report concludes with an analysis of the industrial application of social media beginning with the creation of a social media plan and later industrial use of social media companies which include Facebook and Instagram in business enterprises for promotion purposes. Review of Social Media Marketing Social media is a platform that ensures that marketers reach consumers where they are through promotion.

It can, therefore, be defined as the use of technologies to communicate, create software, and exchange offers that are of great value to the organization. Previously, social sites marketing concentrated on promoting brands, but it has other applications such as political funding and social indexing. Initially, companies have been doing an advertisement that has been difficult to obtain feedback from the customers.

For example, marketing products using political broadcast and print media allows no feedback from the customers. However, Facebook and Instagram are sites where the customers can be able to air their views by sending back their comments. At the same time, the enterprise can be able to learn the needs of the clients and make improvements since the customer is always right. As a result, it is, therefore, right to say that the traditional method of advertisement focused on one way of communication while the current approach which involves the use of social media is a two-way communication (Tuten and Solomon, 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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