Essays on Social Networking on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr as a Marketing Strategy Term Paper

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The paper “ Social Networking on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr as a Marketing Strategy” is a  meaty example of a term paper on marketing. According to studies, most of the social networks are a website based. These networks provide a means of communication to the users whereby they are able to interact through the internet especially through instant messaging and e-mail. In addition, social networking gives the users an opportunity to share events, ideas, activities as well as interests in their personal networks. According to past research, social networking can be used as a marketing strategy.

As a reality, more firms are turning to social networking as one of their marketing strategy (Braziel, 2008). This is because the social networks are very effective in any form of a marketing program where businesses are able to spread out their marketing message across the universe but it only works when applied correctly. Through the use of social network services such as MySpace, Facebook or Twitter one's choices, as well as preferences, are saved, stored, shared as well as used to create a network of blooming endorsements for the products and business at large (Hogan, et al. 2007).

In addition, businesses are using social networks to maintain a healthy business relationship with their customers as well as finding out their customer’ s preferences and as a result, they are able to produce and sell the products that are going to satisfy their customers. Furthermore, the businesses are able to advertise their products online by providing the relevant information about the product such as the benefits of the product, how it is used, where it can be bought, what makes it a unique product and at times the price.

For the social network to act as a marketing strategy, the user should use his/ her social networking profile to communicate the brand of the business. In addition, he/ she should set up a very unique page not linked to the home page to provide the details of who one is, what one does as well as individual facts that will enable the profile to be more approachable. Further, for the social network to effectively act as a marketing strategy it is paramount for the user to manage with a lot of care the online reputation (Freeman, 2006).

The user can achieve this by not using the social networking profile as a stand to negatively talk about a certain business associate, former employer, colleague, and the failure of a certain business or coworker. Moreover, for a social network to be an effective marketing strategy, it has to ensure that there exists some balance in the posts in that they are not too few to make the followers or interested associates lose their interests in the business or products being marketed or yet not too many as they could turn people away for no one likes so much literature and when this happens it impends marketing of the products, oneself or company (Kitsak, et al, 2010).

Successful use of social networking services contributes to increased sales for the business or firm (Valdis, 2000). Further, the firm is also able to maintain a competitive advantage over its competitors in that when they find out what their customers need they get to maintain them as well as attract more.

Moreover, businesses are able to source for market opportunities in the globe with the aim of expanding their business.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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