Essays on Social Performance of Organizations Assignment

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The paper "Social Performance of Organizations" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. Sports leagues are special in that clubs enjoy mutual interdependence in their collaborative production of games. One of the most remarkable football leagues in the US is referred to as the National Football League that is abbreviated as the NFL is among the most successful leagues of all time. The company operates in the US and at the global level (Carr, 2010). The company offers a wide range of services and products that can be attributed to the immense success and increased profitability that the NFL has been receiving since its inception.

The entity mainly works towards proving team players, news, videos, statistics, scores, and schedules on various games that take place in the US (Quinn, 2012). The NFL provides online services through services such as widgets, tools, and game pass. The entity sells branded merchandise as well. The NFL was previously referred to as the American Professional Football Association in 1922 (Carr, 2010). The company was started in 1920 in New York and operates in various parts of the world including Mexico, Japan, France, China, and Canada (Carr, 2010).                       The NFL is a unified and non-profit making entity and this means that it cannot be taxed as it is a commonly accepted fact that the entity does not make any profits (Quinn, 2012).

Conversely, the teams are subject to taxes as they make profits. The NFL views itself to be a trading entity that is composed and financed by thirty-two members. The entity is made up of three important officers including the treasurer, secretary, and commissioner.

These officers were chosen through an elective process. There are two aspects in the external environment that can result in its success (Quinn, 2012). To start with is the popularity of the teams that take part in the league. Secondly, it can be influenced by the global economic status that in turn affects individuals’ disposable income and how much they are willing to spend on tickets and other branded items.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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