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Social Planning Social planning is all about improving the way of living of a community. Forthat purpose the planners need to undertake research which would help them discover the social trends and the issues that are currently part of their community. Following that they need to plan out the service needs which have to be coordinated. Professional as well as voluntary expertise needs to be provided in order for the issues to be solved properly. There also has to be awareness in the community and one means through which this could take place is through education.

Social development issues need to be understood which would allow for positive change in the people of the community. The issues that are identified need to be resolved for which the first step is definitely meeting up and discussing the causes and solutions of the problems. Specific policy positions could then be advocated to the government which would allow for advancing the interests of the marginalized sections of the respective community. Among the various social issues in San Diego one is domestic violence (Zimmerman, 2004).

This is indeed a very serious issue which needs attention and prevention. Planners and community members have definitely been working for it but like everything there are hindrances here as well. The first challenge that these social planners face in their work is the disconnection between the public private and philanthropic sectors. The sectors need to collaborate if there has to be proper and quick solution to the problem. Normally there is also a lack of communication between the sectors, the general public and the government. This communication gap has to be crossed and gotten done with for meeting the goals of the respective organization.

If each origination understands where and what its works and needs are it would make sure to concentrate on those areas only. If this happens there would be no interference and things would run smoothly. The problems that a social planning organization faces do not always stop at lack of funds. It is not always money which solves all the issues at hand; there also has to be some proper thinking and planning (Levy, 2011).

The problem needs to be analyzed and then every step has to be planned out as to what the solutions could be. The organization should come up with a detailed mission, vision and objectives which they then need to follow and fulfill. The project can be begun once all the details have been clarified and detailed out as this planning is what would take the organization step by step and make sure to look at every point of the issue. The prevention initiatives would then work together with creative and effective interventions and these would lead to a reduction in the violence going on in intimate relationships.

Once the organization shows the slightest ray of success it would definitely start getting support and spark great discussion within the community. Organizations and governments are always plagued by lack of funds and such issues; however if such a method is taken up the results could prove to be long term. Works Cited Levy, J. (2011). Contemporary Urban Planning (9th ed. ). Pearson Education. Zimmerman, E. (2004, September). Where Justice is Served. San Diego Magazine, 56(11), pp.


Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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