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IntroductionSocial responsibility is the accountability of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment through transparent and ethical behaviour. Today’s business practices demand nothing less from companies seeking to add to their triple bottom line (people, planet, profit). The organisations ethical behaviour should be consistent with sustainable development and the welfare of society (Paul, 2007). In addition, the social responsibility strategy should be consistent with the expectations of stakeholders, applicable law and international norms of behaviour. This paper seeks to develop a social responsibility strategy for a company.

The strategy developed will include a focus on environmental considerations, sustainable business practices, and the ethical decision making on the part of the leadership that will implement the plan. In addition, the developed social responsibility plan will be in compliance with all government regulations that affect the industry. The planned social responsibility strategy will be subdivided into, Environmental considerations and recommendations (planet)Ethical leadership considerations and recommendations (people)Organizational viability considerations and recommendations (profitability)Legal and regulatory considerations and recommendationsEnvironmental considerations and recommendations (planet) Developing a sustainable environmental strategy for the company is an essential step towards moulding a successful company.

It is important for the company to implement environmental conservation practises as any negative approaches of the company to the environment could mean significant decrease in non-renewable resources, environmental degradation and provision of toxic substances to the environment (Raven, 1993). A successful company cannot operate in vacuum. It must react towards environmental factors that can influence its success either negatively or positively. If not monitored effectively, external business factors such as environment affect the main company and its strategies (De, 1982). It is the liability and duty of a company to work in the interest of the people and the environment within their scope of operation.

Companies have crucial responsibility of ensuring that they continue to work in desirous of fulfilling their customers, employees, shareholders, community and the ecology needs. Their social responsibility is pertinent in determining their ethical, environmental and leadership repercussions to the society in which the organization is situated. Adhering environmental friendly responsibilities act, as a boost in creating mutual, peaceful coexistence and proper working relationship between the company and its surroundings.

A company which achieves the set target and goals is the one which works in the concern of the people and the environment. For successive performance, the company will have to incorporate the following environmental and ethical measures. Environment is the core engine for thriving of any company. According to Susan S. Davis, Demand Media, to effectively achieve this, the company should institute voluntary hazard elimination program. This should aim to eliminate production practices that could cause harm to the public regardless of whether they are required by the law.

This should be instigated by one of its departments which should act as a step to protect the community from exposure to perilous substances. Activities under this should include creating education and awareness forums. Occasional seminars should also be organized with a representation of member from the community where they are given information on the precautions of some gases eliminated from the industry and other dangerous activities. Further awareness should be created through posters, and broadcast through media. Survey should be conducted among members of the community to assess the impact, like incase of noise how many member of the community have been affected.

All disposal and other chemicals eliminated by the company should be treated before release. The company should also create a regular cleanup program where some of its employees and other hired individuals should carry out a cleanup in areas situated within the company to clean the mess the company may have caused within that given period of time.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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