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Running Head: Sociology: Problems Faced by Refugees in Capitalist StatesCollege Name: IntroductionThe issue of refugee has been a global problem. This is because of the recent increase in insecurity in many countries where citizens are forced to flee their states to go and look for a peaceful environmental in the neighbouring countries to avoid persecution, torture and denial of their rights. In the recent times there have been mass migrations of refugees in the neighbouring countries all over the world like in Asia in Afghanistan and Iraq where refugees have run from their home country to seek accommodation in Australia.

Also in Africa there has been mass migration of refugees from Sudan, Somalia into Kenya. These refugees have been faced by many problems in these countries due to various prevailing conditions in those states. These problems experienced by the refugees have been reinforced by lack of good policies that govern and protect the rights of refugees in these foreign countries to help them avoid exploitation and discrimination while in these countries. (Dennis, 2005)Currently the number of refugees has gone high due to the increase in the insecurity in their countries.

This can be well illustrated by looking at the movement of people from countries such as Iraq, Somali and Sudan due to the high insecurity that have raised the tension in those areas, Such that residents are fleeing to the neighbouring countries to seek for a peaceful environment to live in. This issue of movement of refugees to a certain country is bringing a number of problems to the refugees and also the citizens of these countries. This problem is being enhanced by the existence of capitalist government in these neighbouring countries where anyone minds about his/her own affairs and exploits every opportunity that arises for their own benefit only.

So the movement of these refugees in those countries is not an issue that is welcomed by these residents’ people with both hands. This is because, most of these countries are overpopulated and have limited resources so they see the refugees as intruders that have brought competition on these scarce resources found in their country i. e. there is shortage of enough land for the resident people to farm and also the problem of unemployment.

So the refugees in these countries are not welcomed well and in some places face rejection and discrimination, which inhibits them to, integrates well with the local residents of these areas. (Dennis, 2005)There has been a problem of assured refugees becoming permanent residents even after being in these countries for a long period of time. This makes their life hard as they remain denied some basic rights. These barriers are brought about by the following factors. Dennis (2005) asserts that for a refugee to be given permanent resident they must produce satisfactory identity documents.

The most affected people are those from Somali and Afghanistan as they have first to be well investigated to ensure they are not terrorist. The other group are those people i. e. women and children who do not have identity documents such as driving licence or education certificates which makes it difficult for them to be granted permanent residential as it hard for the officials to satisfactory identity them as they lack necessary documents needed for the approval as permanent residence.

This is in agreement to the changes introduced in 1993which governs the regulation of refugees.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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