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The paper "Marketing Analysis of Sodastream Company " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. In the event of rising competitiveness in global business, many companies are trying the best they can to achieve a competitive edge over others. This report examines a case study of such dimensional capacity. The Sodastream company has been in business for over a century, is the main manufacturer of machines that allow people to carbonate their own water at home and make soda. Needless to say, the company plays right in the field of global giants such as coca-cola and Pepsi.

Establishing a niche for the company has been a major struggle. Currently, the company boasts of a market share of over $1 billion from buying out the price of $6 million by a private investor. Its controversial style of advertising has enabled the company to receive recognition and success on a scale and market that is highly competitive. This report discusses marketing strategies such as controversial ads among others that the company has employed in the past as a way of beating the competition.

Recommendations on how the company can further expand in the future have been offered in the final part of this report. Introduction Marketing forms the core component of business success. It is through the process of marketing that the business allows its clients and potential clients to understand an existing product in the market (Steven &   Durvasula, 2013). Without marketing, people would never know about the availability and usability of a product (Barney & Zhang, 2009). For accompany like Sodastream which operates in the same marketing category and industry as the beverage giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi, marketing becomes even more important to make the people become aware of the existence of another better product out there.

Companies such as coca-cola, which have already established themselves as giants and controllers in this industry still spend billions of money annually on marketing budget. Sodastream may not have such a budget for marketing and for this reason, it must ensure that whatever form of marketing it picks up, the impact must be worth the investment. The following sections detail the marketing dynamics operated by the Soda stream company.

the segments fall on outlining the purpose of the case, identification of the key issues and problems in the case, identification of alternative solutions to the problems identifies, the summation of the main points through a conclusion and documentation of recommendations as well as implementation of these recommendations. Sodastream company brief profile The Sodastream company was founded in the year 1903 in the UK. Its major purpose was to manufacture machines for carbonating water in British homesteads (Soda stream company website 2015). The concept was taken up by the British royal family and remained in the dark for over 5 decades.

After that, the other homesteads in the country began endorsing and using these machines. The company has gone through a number of phases, being sold, merged, amalgamated and reshuffled over and over again. In the year 2006, the company was bought by a private investor, Yuval Cohen and Daniel Birnbaum became its CEO. Since then, the company has grown to a market share capitalization of over 1$ billion in the beverage industry. Today, the company has over 2000 employees and over 65,000 stores worldwide.


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