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The paper “ Banks' Soft Systems Illustration” is an informative example of the essay on information technology. According to Standing (2005) throughout the worldwide researches, it has been repeatedly reported that standing for long hours is not recommended as it contributes to health risks. This beyond doubt has been considered as one of the current hazards affecting the bank sectors. A health survey reveals most banks and financial institutions have work conditions that force clients and their employees to stand while processes are going on (Messing, K 2005). A close look is given to the bank sector where banks are flooded with standing employees and clients waiting to open accounts, withdraw or deposit cash. As much as the current technology has enabled some banks to provide electronic deposit and withdrawal, there are still a significant number of people queuing for account opening and collection purposes (McCulloch, J.

2002). Therefore there is a need for IT Companies to develop and introduce an electronic account opening for these banks so as to gradually reduce and eliminate the social, physical, and economic problems associated with standing in the banking industry (Working on your feet).

A hazard survey in 2008 in the UK shows that there are widespread problems and complications associated with standing at work (Standing 2005). It reports that bank union workers in the UK experience problems withstanding. In this research, when best bank employers were interviewed, they recommended that employees as well as clients should not be subjected to standing alone as the only option as this is unhealthy to them (McCulloch, 2002). In the UK they feel that regulation 11 should be in force since money is something which can be handled while seated both from the client employee side.

As surveys have revealed, standing is not healthy for the lower limbs. It can cause damage to the joints, aches in the limbs, side muscles, and can sometimes extend to bunions and corns (Franco, G. & Fusetti 2004). The most common signs in research reports appear to be lack of comfort, fatigue, and swelling limbs. These pains are concentrated in the thighs, knees, hips, and the lower abdomen of the bank employees responsible for account opening and other transactions (Working on your feet).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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