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Software CertificationIntroductionSoftware certification is becoming an important process as go deep into the 21st century. The modern business, company products and the daily working environment revolves around the software certification process. Every time software fails in a business, losses are incurred through low productivity, lost potential sales, lost suppliers, lost customers, lost revenue, corrupted or lost data and expenses involved in bringing the system back and reconstitute and recover data. Despite the great dependence on quality software, organizations are not able to make out which the difference between quality software and fake software when making software procurement decisions.

In the modern business world, the reputation of the software, software supplier, software marketing, referral and experiential evidence from friends and published reviews of the software are relied upon when making a decision on which types of software to buy. Unfortunately, published reviews do not usually deal with the quality and reliability of the software most specifically because the reviewers do not usually have a lot of time on their shoulders and the resources required to test the software. Consequently, there are not independent people who offer review of software on which the business will use before a decision to buy the software is made. 2,5 This has to change through software certification.

There is no doubt that software certification is a powerful instrument that can be used by software consumers to judge the reliability and efficiency of the software in different environments and configurations. A certificate for software is an authoritative tool for marketing and differentiating it from the one by other suppliers and people can attach quantitative reviews of the efficiency of the software in different configurations and environment.

Let us therefore look at software certification: Software certification shows the safety and reliability of software systems in a way that can be validated by copyright bodies with minimum confidence in the tools and techniques that are used in the process of certification. Software certification is developed from the available aspects of software validation, assurance and verification strategies but the idea of explicit software certificates comes with software certification. Explicit software certificates refer to all the information needed for independent appraisal of the software owned as property by different people.

Proper software certification that will ensure fewer hiccups in the process requires a good software certificate management system (SCMS) which ensures that various certification services are available. The SCMS creates and maintains the connection between different artifacts of the certification system such as engineering data sets, programs and design documents and different types of certificates. The process of SCMS involves checking the validity of the certificates, allowing access to the clear audit paths, making it easy to browse for certification histories and implementation of system certification policies.

It also involves the release of policies that are involved in software certification. It is believed that SCMS can be customized to support automatic re-certification of a wide range of artifacts which should be included as an important part of effective software development process. The main impact of customizing the SCMS is to increase the safety and reliability of the software systems by allowing automatic support of the audit process when the program is being assessed. 13 With an efficient SCMS, it is easy to get current information on the status of certification for each element in the software system at any given time without delays.

It is also easy to check whether audition of the certificates has been done and to work out the certificates that will be valid after the system has been modified. When all this is done, then the system can start automatic incremental re-certification of the software.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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