Essays on Software Marketing Strategy for IT Outsourcing Firms in Vietnam Assignment

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The paper "Software Marketing Strategy for IT Outsourcing Firms in Vietnam" is an outstanding example of an assignment on marketing. According to the Gartner Group, the Vietnam Economic and trade environment is suitable for the establishment of the software testing market. In less than eight years, the software testing market in India has produced more than $1 billion and has produced more than 40,000 professional jobs. However, India has barely been able to penetrate the surface of a market that has a potential of more than 6.1 billion US dollars per year. It has been for years the recommendation of business consultants that companies should channel substantial sums of investments into information and communications technology, in the effort to develop and keep a competitive advantage.

The momentum of this message has now become more prevalent during the advent of global competition and in a business environment where change is the norm. These variables have brought about a forward-thinking attitude among businesses and compelled them to introduce new methods and practices to augment more productivity in operations. IT outsourcing is one of the new strategies, and it concerns itself with moving IT assets and resources to a third party.

(Gilley and Rasheed, 2000). In its purest form, outsourcing is merely taking a specific aspect of one's business, and contracting it out to agents. (Lacity and Hirschheim (1993). The term is probably best dealt with by Loh and Venkatraman, (1992) as the significant contribution of external suppliers in the physical and human resources associated with the extra or specific component of the IT infrastructure in the user organization. (p. 9) The software testing markets' survival is dependent upon a number of variables; government intervention, economic and political stability, protection of intellectual property rights, and IT graduates skilled in English.

At present Vietnamese possessing high-end software methods and automation technology, are more advanced than skills found in either China or India. This posture is being perpetuated by the establishment of training programs, to accommodate a large number of available young Vietnamese workers. The Hanoi University of Technology signed a memorandum of agreement with Microsoft to establish an IT research center. Bill Gates, in commenting on the wisdom of Microsoft's involvement intimated that he had never met students who were so enthusiastic about the study of technology.

At present professional skills amongst Vietnamese staff in software testing is around six thousand persons, and this figure is close to only fifteen percent of that found in India, this number will appreciably increase by 2011 to 25,000 plus. From the government’ s perspective, there are talks afoot to form an IT triad with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, Hanoi University of Technology and Microsoft.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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