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Essays on Solamps Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Broad Target, Existing Alternatives and Substitutes, and Unmet Customer Need Case Study

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The paper “ Solamps’ Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Broad Target, Existing Alternatives and Substitutes, and Unmet Customer Need" is an impressive example of a case study on marketing. Innovations available through the use of current technology enable service provisions that are based on finding solutions to simple life problems especially to those problems that are experienced on a daily basis. In finding such solutions, considerations are made on the effectiveness of whatever materials are used in coming up with the inventions and how helpful it will be to the people who can use it.

There are various areas in rural places where people do not have access to electricity. This calls for the use of lamps and candles. This is also a common factor within developing and underdeveloped countries. Therefore, for such areas, in order to ensure a continuous lighting system, the members have to ensure that they continuously buy the candles or buy paraffin. However, according to environmentalists, uses of paraffin are harmful to human health and the environment. The same applies to the use of candles. Therefore, an innovation that comes up with creating an alternative source of light at an equal expense but totally environmentally friendly is essential. Product conceptIn finding a solution to this, the best thought for the idea would be to come up with an innovation that uses solar energy.

The products will be called “ Solamps” , generally derived from the two words, ‘ Solar’ and ‘ Lamps’ . So lamps are equivalent to the normal paraffin lamps available in terms of size and even the shape. However, the concept behind its development and operation is different. One of the most important components of the Solamps is the use of a small round solar panel at the top of the lamps (Krebs, 2010, p210).

It is basically an expensive part of the lamp. Another component is the small power amplifier which is put at the input terminal for the solar LEDs. The significance of the power amplifier is to amplify power produced by the small solar panel by a small amplification factor. The essence of this is still towards ensuring that even though the solar panel produces less power, the amplifier will ensure that the output power is greater thereby ensuring sustainability. The solar LEDs selected for the lamps should be of less power rating.

This will ensure that the power stored by the solar panel is effectively utilized throughout the period between two interval exposures to sunlight. After acquiring the Solamps, the only duty that the customers have is to put the lamp in areas where they are exposed to sunlight. Due to the low power consumption of these LEDs, sunlight here does not necessarily mean that there has to be the presence of visible light rays from the sun.

Just a little brightness from the sun is enough to power the lamp. From the lamp, the LEDs are placed facing downwards since the solar panel is from the top to minimize wire connections from running from top to bottom (Krebs, 2010, p106). One important package with this lamp is that when the LEDs are not fixed, there is a metallic lid that covers the small LEDs holder. The other unique feature is that the bottom part of the lamp is similar to that of a paraffin lamp in all aspects.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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