Essays on Solar Panel Installation - King Lake Primary School Case Study

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The paper "Solar Panel Installation - King Lake Primary School" is a good example of a business case study.   The project aims at ensuring that the school is in a position of generating its own power through the installation of the solar panels. The projected serving time of the panels is around 30years. As this is a long time, the following will have to be done: Removing the entire roof of the building and putting into place a stronger roof that will hold the panels for the projected period of time. Wiring all the rooms that will be served with the solar panels using the recommended solar power cables to ensure that all the safety measures are adhered to. Purchasing solar panels and other appliances that are needed to complete the project.

Other appliances include solar bulbs and water heaters. Stakeholders Project sponsor -National Solar Schools Program Project owner— king Lake primary school Project manager- principal, king lake primary school Team members- lake contractors and clear solar company Issues/Constraints for the project The major issue in the project concerns the relocation of the learners occupying the building to be re-roofed. They have to be given alternative rooms to use as classrooms until the completion of the program. Assumptions of the project The installed panels will be able to provide enough electrical energy to power up the whole school and satisfy its energy needs. The school will be able to cut down its power bills through the production of its own power.

Some money will also be generated through the sale of electricity to the national grid during the school holidays since the generated power will not be in use then. Initial timelines The projected timeline for the entire processes is 2 months.

The approximated time for the roofing of the building and internal wiring process is 1 ½ month. Thereafter the installation of the panels is projected to take 2weeks. Task allocations The roof of the building will be rebuilt first. Lake building contractors have been awarded a contract of redoing it. Wiring of the building and installation of the panels and other electrical appliances that will rely on the solar power will be done by Clear Solar Company. Relationship of the project to other projects and to the organization The project is in line with the vision of the organization of turning all schools into solar-driven schools by 2010.

The organization is sponsoring other projects with an aim of ensuring that clean energy is acquired especially during this time of climate change. Estimation and explanation of costs and resources requirements Project budget $50,000 Solar panels $25000 Purchase of panels with a projected power output of over 2kw wiring $2000 Upgrading the wiring system to fit the solar system appliances $10000 Purchase of water heaters, bulbs and air conditioners roofing $7000 Re-building the whole roof to hold the panels for a period of 30years Paying workers $5000 Payment for the contractors and installation of the panels maintenance $1000 The projected annual maintenance fee for the whole solar system Conclusions and recommendations On completion of the project, the school will be in a position of generating its own energy.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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