Essays on McMalin's Prospects for Success in the Fast-Food Market Case Study

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The paper “ McMalin's Prospects for Success in the Fast-Food Market" is a  persuading example of a case study on marketing. This report examines the marketing plan for McMalin's fast food which will help in formulating, implementing and measuring marketing strategies. To develop the marketing strategies different aspects are being considered by identifying the market entry strategy, the product life cycle determining the position where the organization is and the manner it plans to work; identifying whether the fast-food giant looks to follow a pioneer or a follower strategy; the strategies pertaining to growth, shakeout, mature and decline phases; the organizational structure which will be used to gain maximum efficiency; the marketing plan based on the evaluation of the above directions and finally the marketing metrics and audit.

The overall impact will be on correctly formulating a marketing strategy for McMalin's fast food by keeping in mind the different facets and aspects through which improvement can be done and better productivity for the long term can be ascertained. This will thereby help McMalins fast food to transform its business and develop the required parameter based on which superior performance can be delivered. Basic idea about the serviceMcMalin's fast food was founded to offer the best services in the fast-food industry.

The company has expanded to over 40 countries around the world. The company provides a line of most preferred fast food in many of its outlets. The company is always open meaning it operates for 24 hours a day because their employees work in shifts to ensure all their customers are given the services when they need them. The company has a lot of staff because they work in shifts of six hours there one outlet has over a hundred employees.

The organizational structure of the company is led by a manager and every department is led by a department manager who is charged with the task of overseeing those staff under them person their duties in the best interest of the company and the interest of the customers. Mission and Vision of the companyThe aims at satisfying the fast-food customers in the areas where they operate by providing what they want. This means that the company provides products and services as per the needs of the customers and according to the set standards in the industry.

This is to ensure that they get as many customers as possible to keep the business operational in Australia. To provide the best services in the fast-food industry so as to win the largest market share. The company operates in many countries means that it faces diverse cultures and eating habits. Therefore, the company is working to ensure they provide products and services that in line with such cultures and eating habits but not to change the status quo.

This will ensure acceptability in most of the areas it sets up its operations. The company’ s providing of a wide range of products to people of diverse culture means that even those who travel a lot still get the food they prefer in the countries where McMalins operate because there is an international variety (Bateman & Snell, 2004). There is staff that has expertise in different international languages to ensure that the international customers are given the services just like the local customers in case they do not understand the local languages.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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