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The paper "Staff with Special Needs" is a perfect example of management coursework.   Good human resource management is essential for all organizations in the world. It is only by effectively, efficiently and ethically managing the human resource available to the organization that the organization can maintain the workplace as an enjoyable place and in turn have a competitive advantage. Human resource management has a ripple effect on the organization’ s success since it is only by effective HRM that the organization can motivate their employees to work harder and feel happy about their accomplishment.

By looking at the employees as an investment rather than an expense or cost, the organization is able to have a flexible workplace. Good human resource management HRM has several key functions. These are recruitment, training, performance evaluation, motivation, building communication channels and workplace safety. There are many other benefits of appropriate human resource management. By having a workable human resource management plan, the team will be able to manage recruitment and training effectively thus the persons in charge will be able to hire the right kind of people and groom them to become suitable for their specific job category.

This is done through accurate delegation of tasks that prevent employees from interfering with each other’ s fields, making sure each employee understands the role that they play in the organization and what is required of them. Secondly, effective human resource management helps to motivate workers. By keeping a healthy and comfortable work environment, the employees will be able to savour their work and will bear a desire in them to put in more effort in order to achieve their career satisfaction.

This also helps to open channels of communication since the workers will be at peace with each other and by each understanding their roles, they will be able to play their part well and move it on to the next worker. Good human resource management also helps in conflict resolution. In a workplace, there are people of different backgrounds, cultures, race, tribe, etc. and because each person is an individual, conflicts are bound to arise. It is the responsibility of the human resource department to resolve such disputes that may arise and make sure the appropriate actions are taken to hinder the arising of these conflicts.

This is done through the formulation of workplace policies and guidelines, acting as a mediator in dispute resolution and organizing team building activities to strengthen understanding and communicative behavior among employees. Lastly, good HRM is crucial in developing the public relation of the company. By the company organizing meetings, seminars, workshops, team building activities, gatherings, etc. , the HR department plays a role (though small) in building the organization’ s public image. Without a complete HRM setup, the company or organization is set to fail.

It is, for this reason, that building an effective human resource management system is a priority in any organization. As we all know, human resource is a scarce resource and it is expensive to try to acquire a new person to replace one that has left the organization. It is costly in the sense of the amount of money that will be spent to train new personnel, contract termination fees, legal fees in case of a court battle, etc. Therefore, effective human resource management should be taken seriously in any organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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