Essays on Spinneys Supermarket's Mission, Vision, Organizational Core Values, Stakeholders and Company Analysis Case Study

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The paper “ Spinneys Supermarket’ s Mission, Vision, Organizational Core Values, Stakeholders and   Company Analysis” is an informative example of a case study on marketing. Spinneys Supermarket aims at becoming a re-known retail outlet in the UAE. The retail chain also aims at providing home & leisure items, beers, groceries, besides its wide variety of own brands. According to Thomas (155), the retail sector, in general, is a highly sensitive sector that was heavily affected during economic recessions. Contrary, the mega retail stores such as Spinneys Supermarket will not be susceptible to global crises as customers will continue to buy essential products maintaining the sales rate steady all the way through.

Compared to other retail operators and furniture stores. Thomas (155) viewed that the retail store’ s margins are smaller but guaranteed than that of other retailers. This is an appealing attribute for investors looking for investments not that can withstand an economic recession (Thomas 155). Spinneys aims at engaging in the business of beverages and food retailing through supermarkets outlets. The company together with its subsidiaries will offer a range of products including grocery, baking items, fish and meat, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, dairy-based products, pharmaceuticals, tools and recipes, and garden furniture. Mandate Corporate MissionSpinney's mission statement is to provide all its customers with the very best value for money on their shopping.

The retail chain aims to go nationwide. Corporate visionSpinneys have a vision of becoming the “ food specialist for everyone” . To achieve this vision, the retail chain plans to tap to everybody’ s expertise across its business starting from factories to food counters. Organizational core valuesThe main corporate value for Spinneys supermarket is to enhance value for its products and provision of high-quality services and goods to its customers. Stakeholders AnalysisSpinney's stakeholders will include suppliers, shareholders, employees, lenders, government and more importantly the customers who keep the business going. COMPANY ANALYSIS Macro EnvironmentThe macro-environment forces can be divided into four categories; political and legal forces, economic forces, technological forces and social-cultural forces (Faarup 89). Political and legal factorsSpinneys face serious legal and local political implications such as working with administrative agencies to offer employment opportunities, health, and environmental standards and obtaining local council permit to open stores.

The introduction of the number of working hours per week and the minimum wage rate in UAE has an impact on Spinneys. Economic factorsLocal economic factors such as local economic development schemes and council rates affect the operations of the supermarket chain.

In addition, national factors such as economic recession, rate of inflation, GDP growth rate and level of employment will have an impact on Spinneys supermarket stores. Socio-demographic factorsThe aging population of the country has an impact on Spinneys. The aging population has an adverse implication on the availability of staff in the upcoming years.

There will be fewer younger people for employment as the current employees start to retire. Technological factorsIn the recent past, e-commerce has become a main marketing and distribution medium. Fathima Group of Companies, a key competitor of Spinneys has embraced online marketing and distribution methods. This will compel Spinneys to invest heavily in technology in order to remain competitive in the industry.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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