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The paper "Sponsorship Proposal for the Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club" is a perfect example of a business plan.   This sponsorship proposal is aimed to connect our company (The Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club) located in Australia with the Red Bull GmbH corporation based in Austria. We, as the (BSBC), believe that this commercial partnership is going to be profitable to both us and our corporate partner. The Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club (BSBC) plans to use the solicited funds from the partnership, to expand the club by financing various activities of the club. These activities include organizing for more tournaments both locally and internationally as well as recruiting more players. The Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club (BSBC) is a basketball team in Australia that plays in the Women's National Basketball League (WNBL) Competition.

It is located in the city of Bendigo in the central region of Victoria, about 150 kilometres to the north of Melbourne. The BendigoSpirit Basketball club plays its local games at the Bendigo stadium. BSBC was founded in 2007 and has been growing and expanding since its foundation and at the present moment, the BSBC is proudly the largest women’ s sports club in the entire South Pacific region.

The club is working on expanding itself and organizing more tournaments and the recruitment of more club members. In order to be able to implement its objectives, BSBC is offering sponsorship opportunities to corporate organizations which are aimed at the bilateral benefit. The Bendigo Basketball Club is writing to you (Red Bull GmbH) corporation to consider our sponsorship opportunity which we as BSBC believe would be beneficial to you and to us. We are optimistic that our sponsors will benefit maximally from our corporation.

Some of the benefits include: Promotion through naming rights of the club which comprise the website, uniform branding and via the media. Increased customer scope through promotions on the club’ s websites Publicity opportunities at tournaments and social events. Recognition for partnering with a world-renown club. Branding of programs and functions with “ BSBC corporate partner” logo which will be extended to clothing as well as resources developed. The sponsorship package is a two-level one: The platinum package – AD 1.2,000,000 contribution (Open to discussion) The gold package-AD 800.000 contributions. (Fixed) In the platinum package, the partner accesses all the above 5 benefits while the gold package is limited to the first three benefits. We are heartily grateful for taking the time to read our sponsorship proposal.

This sponsorship opportunity will bring our organization mutual benefits and also improve the relationship between our mother countries of Australia and Austria. Our basketball club is a phenomenal organization that has been growing exponentially since it was founded in 2007. BSBC prides itself in meeting its goals and objectives within the allocated time. We are a prestigious sports club well known for our core values of discipline, hard work and passion for basketball.

We are looking forward to expanding our horizons and take our organization to the international level by 2018 October and would love to cooperate with you. We have a well defined strategic plan that will guide us in the realization of our objectives.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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