Essays on Tough Mudder Pty Ltd Workforce Management Case Study

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The paper “ Tough Mudder Pty Ltd Workforce Management” is an impressive example of the case study on human resources. Tough Mudder has staged its events for the year 2016 to be conducted in one of the three common areas which are Sydney. All these places for the events are within the Australian continent. The 2016 Tough Mudder event will be managed by an organization known as the Tough Mudder Pty Ltd. The company also managed the Tough Mudder events for the year 2015 in the same places scheduled for the 201 events.

These events were first planned and implemented in 2010 by Harvard Business School graduates. The aim of the events is to challenge the participants’ mental and physical capacities. The obstacles such as fire, heights, and water that have so far been used in the event are capable of triggering fears. Tough Mudder Pty. Ltd. has scheduled the event for October 1 beginning at one minute to midnight. The 2016 terrain will be 16-20 kilometers where participants will experience mud as well as numerous obstacles to test the mental perseverance, physic, and comradeship.

The participants compete for no specific medal but rather for the best team winning spirit. Tough Mudder has seven official partners which include Virgin Active, Soldier on, 4 Pines Brewing, Ultimate Ears, Cold-Stream Cider, Naked Wines, and Microsoft band. Key stakeholders of the event include the participants, volunteers, and the sponsors of the event. As far as the event is concerned, the organizer often faces some challenges before success is achieved. The organizer faces some challenges related to recruitment, assigning roles, managing performance, and retention of employees, the motivation of employees, training, and development of employees.

Tough Mudder Pty. Ltd. Has a challenge of ensuring that the events live up to the expectation of the participants while at the same time availing adequate safety measures for the participants. Clients of the events expect to meet a challenging course that would test their mental as well as physical strength. In most cases, participants who have already taken part in the event expect new terrains to avoid monotony.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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