Essays on Sport Event Management - the American Open Case Study

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The paper 'Sport Event Management - the American Open " is a good example of a management case study. The event is scheduled for an American open tennis sport to be held in New York on the 8th of September 2015 from 9 AM to 4 pm. The event planners are as well in New York since, they are required to collect basic facts that are up to date, real and on time concerning the need to open a tennis tournament. The event planners will as need to consider the participant number, the players, key stakeholders as well as the security which forces the event planners to be situated close to the place of the tennis tournament.

The purpose of the event team is to plan for the event in terms of team planning, the need for canteen, and safety of every attendant, the budget for the whole event as well as the planning for the time in order to ensure that the event is smoothly runni9ng as anticipated. Scope The scope of the event is to centre on ensuring that the event is achievable in terms of budget, time, the safety of the attendant, as well as the travel and accommodation, facilitates of the players since, it is considered that the American open will attract participants globally such as the lieyton Hewitt, Rafel, Nadal, Novar and Djokjovic.

This, therefore, calls for concern in terms of a place to sleep, travelling as well as the presence of recreation facilities. Some of the key personnel in the American open are the potential investors, the stakeholders, the players as well as the safety personnel. The main sponsors and stakeholders of the America open are the Citizen, Nike and IBM 2.0 SMART Objectives 2.1 Specific The American open is a tennis event in which event planners centers on evaluating the relevance of the event.

The specific objective of the whole event is to evaluating project viability in terms of cost, time and place so as to ensure that the event is effectively executable at a low cost and on time. As a result, the event planning team focus on planning for resources such as the tennis equipment, accommodation and travel since it is assumed that the payers will not sleep at the golf restaurant but outside the place of the event and consequently commands for them transport, planning for the sponsors in terms of giving them budget estimates that is realistic in terms of cost and its achievability as well as planning for the spectators which include providing maximum security, ensuring that the seat is well equipped and also the canteen is fully packed with common wants.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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