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The paper "La Trobe University Football Club Budget" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting case study.   La Trobe University Football Club, LTUFC, is based in Bundoora, Kingsbury Drive. The club has a total membership of 130 members 100 of whom are men while the remaining 30 are women. The major facilities of the LTUFC club are two natural turf fields which have lights. LTUFC club holds winter competitions for both seniors and juniors which are played on the Saturdays and Sundays (weekends). The main source of revenue for the club is membership levies and the fees charged during competitive matches which are mostly held in Winter.

Registration is a one-off fee of $70 whereas member’ s subscription is on an annual basis for $30 for children and $50 for adults. The club has subsidized the levies it charges to its members and even non-members within Victoria in line with its mission of increasing access and participation in sports and recreation opportunities. Organization background The name of the organization is La Trobe University Football Club, LTUFC. It is located in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne.

The population growth in this area is moderate and so is its sports and recreation. The ethos of the club is never giving up. It has lived up to this spirit and has never given up in ensuring increased participation in sport and recreation among Victorians. The membership of the club has grown to 130 persons who are inclusive of 30 women. The club prides in two natural turf fields which are well lit. The club takes part in two major leagues for men’ s team who play in the state league competition in north-west division and women’ s team who play in women’ s premier league.

All the competitions are held in winter and played on the weekends. The club has a dedicated team of men and women who have purposed to train the mass in Victoria in the various sport and recreation activities. These staffs are full-time employees who have ensured that the grounds are open every day to serve the Victorian communities. Benefits The grant from the community facility funding program will help the club to replace an old soccer club which is currently in a bad state.

The club is eligible to apply for the grant since it falls within the jurisdiction covered by Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV). The club is based in Victoria and pursues the interest of the communities within Victoria by making access to sport and recreation possible. In addition, the application of the grant applied is a major facility upgrade and the applied grant falls within the limit set for such project. Moreover, La Trobe University Football Club is a preferred location where communities meet, interact and participate in sport and recreation activities. It is worth to fund the grant application since it serves the interests of the communities within Victoria.

The club achieves this by encouraging participation in sport and recreation and especially to female and junior members of the society. The grant will benefit all residents in Victoria since its membership is open to all irrespective of age and gender. However, the club is specifically targeting women and junior since their enrolment is still low hence the need to encourage them through subsidized registration and subscription fees.

The grant will also be beneficial to the large population in Victoria since it will bring resources close home which will be an important tool in tapping the talents in Victoria.

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