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The paper "Sports Innovation Strategies" is a great example of management coursework.   The sport has made remarkable progress that is associated with it transitioning into the visual product as well as increasing the needs of people. The aim is serving the purpose of keeping fit as well as for a healthy life. Sports innovation has seen the development of information technology, and growth in leisure culture. Sport is a social institution and its presence has seen an ever-growing structure of the economy as well as cultural organisations. It has necessitated the social phenomenon of appraisal considering the social as well as economic conditions in the world.

This is an indication that sport has a share of the events of the globalization process. This necessitates the conditions of international competition as well as the free-market economy (Atalay, Yü cel, & Boztepe 2013, p. 109). Today, globalization is transforming into a single market-dominant that mandates all organisations including sports institutions for innovation (Imamoglu 1992, p. 23). So as to survive in the rapidly changing environment that is competitive, sports organisations need to change constantly as well as renew their products, services and also their production methods.

It is in this context that this assignment presents a chosen sports innovation plan. A new, as well as age-appropriate administrative approach, is emerging in the administration of sports. The sports change strategy/plan that is recommended and discussed in this assignment is the governance model of sports innovation. The function and usages of the innovation The governance model can be described as an approach of using new methods in social-cultural as well as administrative sports environment. In sports, innovation serves as a means of meeting the needs of the individual as well as the society at a better level.

The governance model will involve developing new administrative strategies for sports mobility as per the age requirements (Balci 1999). The management model of innovation is converted into economic as well as a social value. The management of sports will be structured in a more competitive approach. It will ensure that goods and services are produced, actions in the sports are fast and flexible and also harmonised with changes (Arıkan, Aksoy, Durgut, Goker 2003).

The governance model is used to transform the method of sports administration to fit within the scope of the innovation. It serves the function of enlarging the extent of the competition as well as constituting a powerful as well as a proactive structure that undertakes the game responsibilities and assignments. The importance of the innovation to the sport and related industry The governance model of sports innovation is important to the sports and related industry. It is a strategic plan that forms the cornerstone of all sports. The structure of the sport management is enhanced through governance as well as management reform.

This is an essential process that positions the sport well within the current sporting landscape. The management model of innovation is a very important strategic plan for the sport that gives it a unified structure as well as an innovative approach. It ensures the sport capitalises on this position (Franceschini & Delrio 2014, p. 2).


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