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The paper "Melbourne Mustangs Marketing Plan" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The Melbourne Mustangs was established in 2010. During the 2010 AIHL season, the association completed in the sixth exhibition games against other ice hockey teams based in Australia such as Gold Coast Blue Tongues and Perth Thunders among others. After the closure of the 2010 season, the AIHL licensed Mustang to join its league and further participate in the 2011 AIHL competitions. Subsequently, Steve Laforet was also appointed and named as the association’ s coach while Shane Hardy was named the team captain in the 2011 season.

Nevertheless, on 23rd June, Laforet was reported to have resigned from his task for own reasons. This followed the takeover of Doug Stevenson, who had been the assistant head coach. In subsequent competition, Mustang lost their initial game in AIHL 4-8 against its competitor Melbourne Ice. This was the season opener game that did not mean well for the team. Eventually, the team finished sixth following the end of the regular season ahead of Canberra Knights and other renowned teams. At the beginning of the 2012 season, Mustang underwent changes, particularly changing her names to Melbourne Mustangs following the move by AIHL to conditionally direct not to use, ‘ Melbourne’ in the name of the team.

This restriction was mainly aimed at restricting its use towards protecting the Melbourne Ice brand. The club also announced the inception of service of Bill Wilkinson as the team’ s head coach. Midway in the season, Wilkinson was overthrown and replaced with Steve Laforet, a former head coach. Subsequently, Brad Vigon was announced as the team’ s head coach by the end of 2012 (McNeely& Mount, 2012).

These seasonal leadership challenges were the critical influence of the organization’ s sporting performance. However, the Mustang was able to capture the first position in the 2014 AIHL season and later won the introduced Goodall Cup by defeating Melbourne Ice 6-1 in their final game. In this regard, the Melbourne Association has been performing effectively in the sporting sector in AIHL Australian competition despite the fact that the local market and stage a competitive angle in the global segment. Situation Analysis The Australian National League has been embracing Canada versus USA series, which had moved to Sydney’ s Allphones Arena in 2011.

All the audiovisual bites and other event programs appear all features in the AIHL while the league officials have been effectively engaged in welcoming big visitors into the league over the spiraling game challenge. The AIHL Commissioner Robert Bannerman asserted that such an event has an enduring effect on the ice hockey in the Australian context. In fact, these events unfolding have been major leverage of the Australian market performance by virtue of the ice hockey market.

One of the biggest challenges in the Australian market segment is the urge to instigate new fans into the ice hockey while inviting the attendees of exhibitions in joining subsequent AIHL matches. Some of the income-generating avenues for the league and the sporting business are the tickets that are offered by potential attendees that are fans of the games. In the contemporary scenes, the sporting events have not gained high-level popularity, although recent trends have shown significant development that would portray the looming rise in the number of fans participating in the game fans segments.

For instance, the exhibitions set up are aimed at showcasing both speed and activities of hockey games to multiple segments of fans, the majority of whom have been credited with experiencing sports for their first encounter.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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