Essays on SWOT Analysis of Adelaide Oval Stadium Case Study

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The paper 'SWOT Analysis of Adelaide Oval Stadium" is a good example of a management case study. Internationalization and the evolution of a common global market led to increased organizational competition and the evolution, development, and growth of multinational organizations. However, globalization not only implicated on international trade but also on the local trade industries. As such, local organizations have to establish sustainable competitiveness in order to enhance and stimulate their market success rates. This revolution swept across industries both goods and service industries including the sports industry as Smith, ACT, and Stewart (2010, p. 2) argue on the emerging sports commercialization aspects.

This report evaluates competition and the development of a competitive edge in the service industry. In particular, the report reviews the Australian sports, events, and tourism hosting facilities. In order to offer a practical base on the evaluation, the study adopts the Adelaide Oval stadium, the largest stadium in Southern Australia, as its case study. The report evaluates the venue's internal analysis features offering it’ s a competitive edge over others in the industry through SWOT analysis. Further, based on the analysis outcomes, the report offers recommendations through which the stadium can retain, enhance, and/or develop a competitive edge. 2.0 SWOT Analysis In evaluating the status and functioning of the Adelaide Oval stadium as an event and tourist venue, this report develops a SWOT analysis on the stadium based on its structure facilities, venue location as well as events held in the facility.

Pahl and Richter (2007, p. 16) stated that a SWOT analysis is an imperative tool that enables the establishment of areas in which the stadium has strengths and opportunities whose enhancement would enable it to achieve a competitive edge.

In addition, the analysis enables an establishment of stadium weaknesses and threats, and analysis that facilitates the initiation of appropriate development and corrective measures to enhance and restore venue attractiveness. 2.1 Strength Analysis The Adeline Oval stadium is one of the most advanced and large stadiums across Australia. In fact, the stadium is the largest in the South Australian region. In this regard, the 2010 upgrade on the field by the labor party, increased its seater capacity to over 5,000 occupants inclusive of the stands (Earle and Gribble, 2013).

With such a large sitting capacity, the stadium has the ability and capacity to host large events such as the rugby series. This ability can be cited in the continued hosting of cricket series matches over the years. The major venue strength can be cited in the 2010 election pledges between the liberal and labour parties.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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