Essays on China Sportswear and Sports Footwear Case Study

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The paper "China Sportswear and Sports Footwear" is a great example of a marketing case study. Globalization entails sharing and communicating traditional, cultural and economic values including products, services, and information among different communities and countries the world over. Footwear and Sportswear industry is vital in the entire Chinese economy. The globalization of the sportswear products from China will ultimately improve the general economic status of the country. Consequently, the latter will open new opportunities for foreign investment. The economic trends in the country are highly promising; with regard to this, the sportswear industry is bound to grow at a tremendous rate.

The business environment in the country is conducive, given the fact that the political, economic, sociological, technological, and legal environments are favorable for any business to thrive. Introduction These papers entail report findings of an assessment done for the sportswear and sports footwear which is an industry located in china. The assessment identified vital current trends in the industry specifically in china. Some of the specific factors clearly dealt with include the consequences of continuing with globalization on this industry in the same country, some of the main economic trends as well as forecasts and their impacts in that country which is china and the possible changes they may bring in the future.

It has also an assessment of the environmental and ecological challenges that the industry experiences in china and their consequences in the future as they evolve. It has also political legal and governmental factors important affecting the industry. Technological issues have also been addressed and how they affect the growth and development in the industry and finally an assessment of the significance of the culture in the country and its influence and effects in the industry. Consequences of globalization Globalization refers to the process of sharing and communicating traditional, cultural and economic among different countries in the world.

It is a continuous process that is helpful for a country in the process of growth and development (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007). Through the process of globalization, people are able to mingle and share their culture with each other and exchange ideas. Trade and business are other factors that entail globalization whereby different countries in the world share a link hence market globalization.

Globalization is one of the factors that have to lead to the growth of markets in China. Globalization in the sportswear and sports footwear industry in China will lead to the improvement of a market for their products. This will also lead to an increase in supply and demand for sportswear. The reason for that will be due to the fact that globalization will enable the industry to meet the needs of the people in other parts of the world.

Globalization will give china an opportunity to be ranked as one of the best organizations in terms of purchasing power parity. It will also have an opportunity to enjoy an increase in gross domestic product. The issue of globalization will also raise the economic annual growth rate. It will also increase the foreign market because most of the countries will be willing to invest in the country especially in the sportswear and sports footwear industry (Dennis, 2001). Globalization will also lead to an increase in the quality of products, environmental protection and an increase in yield.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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