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The paper 'Product Life Cycle of the Marketing Idea - SportUNE" is a great example of a marketing case study. When a business organization starts producing a product or service, it aims at making maximum profit from the activity by reaching many customers and markets as possible. This is aimed at improving profitability for business sustenance as well as coping with competition from similar businesses. SportUNE has been involved in the provision of a number of sports facilities and physical exercise services in various parts of Australia. It has been necessary to ensure the products and services provided by the company are availed to customers and customer awareness is enhanced.

The solution to this problem has been concluded to be a strategic marketing plan that will ensure the relevant consumers of products and services of the company are reached so that the popularity of those products is increased. This paper presents a strategic marketing plan aimed at achieving the objectives of profitability and competitiveness in sports facilities provision in Australia. It explains the nature of goods and services provided by the company, the stages of the product life cycle that the products will go through during marketing processes, the application of new market strategy improve marketing process, the application of pioneer strategy of entry into the market and marketing activities to be implemented during the shake-out, mature and declining market stages.

This is because these stages are significant to be understood during marketing. This paper also explains how the new economy strategies will be applied during the marketing of facilities of the company, the organizational structure to be used during the marketing process, marketing plan, marketing metrics, and market audit strategies to be implemented. Introduction to SportUNE SportUNE was formed with the objectives of meeting the needs of the sport of students in nearby colleges and universities but it became a major facility for the University of New England.

Due to the high demand for its services, the company was expanded to meet the needs of people such as the public and sports clubs in various parts of Australia (Westerbeek, 2005). Increased demand for a variety of sports services and facilities contributed to the expansion of these requirements into the functions of SportUNE.

Consequently, the organization is currently involved in the provision of a number of sports services and facilities for hire by the public.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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