Essays on Which Mark-up Level Would Be Most Appropriate for the Business Assignment

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The paper "Which Mark-up Level Would Be Most Appropriate for the Business" is a perfect example of a business assignment. A spreadsheet is a table of values which has been arranged in rows and columns, and each value has a predefined connection to other values. The spreadsheet application is simply a computer program that will enable the user to create and manipulate spreadsheets electronically. In most cases, a spreadsheet is usually used for financial information because it has the ability to re-calculate entire work automatically if there has been a problem.

The spreadsheet is a powerful and versatile tool that is used in most businesses, because it can provide and store valuable business information, on the other hand, spreadsheets can work with other business programs, for example word processing and presentation software. Q1. Which Mark-up Level would be most appropriate for the business? In any business it is important to markup a document properly, an appropriate Mark-up for any business is a Semantic mark-up. This is a technology that will allow the machines to understand the meaning of data or information that is imputed on the machine These applications that are used in the machine will try to determine the meaning of data imputed into the machine and create a connection for the end-user.

It also allows end-user to share computerized applications simultaneously. Q2. What role would customers have in choosing the most appropriate Mark-up level?   A number of resources can come into play in determining the most appropriate Marl-up level that can be used in a business, for example, the impact of the software will have on the growth of the business or how well will the software help the workforce in the business to carry their duty easily without any interruptions.

Cash is also another factor that must be taken into consideration; does the business able to afford the application. Q3. Which Freight Type would be most appropriate for the business? Queensland Rails Q4. What would be the impact that the different freight types would have on the Business? Profit if the cost was transferred to the business instead of the customer? The business will experience loss in their operations. Q5. When would one Freight Type be more appropriate than any other? For items weighing less than 2.5kg, the appropriate Freight to use will be Australia Post because you will be charged per kilogram, but if the item weighing more than 2.5Kg the best freight to use will be because after exceeding 2.5kg from that point onwards you will be charged extra 0.25 dollar per every kilogram as you compare to Australian Freight which they will charge you 3.25 dollars.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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