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  The paper "How to Increase the Number of Visitors to Yarragon " is a great example of a Marketing Research Proposal. Yarragon is a small town located between Warragul and Trafalgar and is one of the two towns that are bypassed by the Princes highway that connects Melbourne and Latrobe Valley (Travel Victoria, 2013). Yarragon is a tourist town with an array of antique shops, galleries, craft shops, and galleries. In the 2011 Census, the population of Yarragon was reported to be 1,525 with 49.2% of it being male and 50.8% female (Local Stats, 2013).

The median age of the population is 40 years, which is 3 years above the Australian average. Historically, the town was a major center for surrounding dairy farms as well as logging activities in the thick forests in the south. According to Yarragons Community Plan 2008 – 2013 (2008), the people of Yarragon sighted they love the town because it’ s a small friendly town that has a mix of village and community atmosphere. The town close proximity to rail services means that there are no many traffic problems and it’ s easy to access Melbourne by train.

The town has undertaken some initiative to increase visitors to Yarragon. Last year, a very professional and informative 2012/201 Yarragon Brochure was launched by the Yarragon Business Association (Bawbaw Shire, 2013). There are however few challenges and issues that Yarragon needs to address to increase the number of visitors. Tourism which is the small town’ s main economic activity is heavily underinvested. The last time the government made a major move to boost the town's tourism was in 2003 when the Baw Baw Shire and the State Government gave the town a $400,000 facelift (ABC, 2003).

Craig Holmes, the president of the Yarragon Business Association in the 2012 Annual General Meeting noted that their business community is not paying enough attention in attracting tourists to the town (Yarragon Bussiness Association, 2012). According to tourism statistics provided by the state of Victoria, in 2010 – 2011, the combined direct and indirect contribution of Tourism to the Victorian region economy was about $15.9 billion which is the same as 5% of the state’ s Gross State Product.

64% of overnight visitors to the state of Victoria in the same period were from the intrastate market, 27% from the interstate market and 9% from overseas (Tourism, Victoria). This shows that at a state level, the Victorian region tourism prospects are promising and are expected to rise in the next few years. Yarragon has to invest more in tourism to tap into the region’ s tourism potential. Lastly, the train station should be developed in a way that portrays it as a historic precinct that houses Yarragon’ s history at the same time it is used as an information booth. The local authorities need to invest in selling the town’ s attractions to Melbourne travelers as the best stopover along the busy highway.

This means that there should be better gateway signs at the entry points along the highway to encourage more visitors to make a stopover in the town. The business community should start handling the Yarragon as a more tourist precinct and not just a shopping stopover for travelers. Investment in other non-tourist related businesses such as supermarkets should also be encouraged by the local authorities (Community Plan, 2008).


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