Essays on Staff handbook or document to include policies and procedures (beauty salon) Assignment

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1.0: Value/Mission ment: Booti-fool, a business enterprise presently consisting of 10 Beauty Salons shall pursue the following objectives: a. Provide quality service to its loyal clients at the least possible price. b. Serve as an agency for initiating and creating new ideas in beauty treatments. c. Engage in retail sale of professional products. d. Co-operate with adjacent luxury designer fashion stores in meeting the needs of the people. 1.1: Application: The regulations in this Handbook shall be for all members of Staff of Booti-fool Company whether on permanent, temporary, contract, bonded or casual terms unless the letter of appointment of such member of Staff specifically does not say so. 1.2: Definitions: Company: means Booti-fool chain of Beauty Salons.

Henceforth, Booti-fool shall be referred to as “the Company”. Staff: means the all the workers of Booti-fool. 1.3: Recruitment Process and Policy: The Human Resources Department, under the control of the Human Resources Manager shall have the power to appoint and place members of Staff [old and new] of this Company in the proper posting. This shall be done after placing appropriate advertisement for such job openings in the media.

All vacancies shall be subjected to the widest possible publicity. All applicants shall be given equal opportunity irrespective of race, nationality, religion, colour and political affiliation. 1.4: Appraisals: Every member of Staff shall fill and submit a completed Annual Performance Evaluation Card to his/her immediate superior officer at the end of each year. This will be used to assess the suitability of the member of Staff for awards and honourable mention. 1.5: Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure: a. A member of Staff may be dismissed or otherwise disciplined in the manner appropriate to the situation if, after two [2] written warnings, he is guilty of continued and frequent lateness to duty. b.

Any member of Staff, whether on leave of absence or no duty, shall allow his/her political connection to affect the performance of his/her duty or his/her relationship with other members of Staff or client. c. No member of Staff may engage in business or other remunerative activities that will interfere with the efficiency of his work without prior approval of the Human Resources Manager. d.

Willful disobedience to lawful instructions by any member of Staff shall be regarded as misconduct punishable by summary dismissal or such other disciplinary measures as the Human Resources Manager may consider appropriate. Refusal to serve in any section of the Company shall be punishable by appropriate sanctions. e. Any member of Staff under interdiction shall be forbidden to carry out his/her duties. f. The following are the punishments which may be invoked under this section: [i] Dismissal; [ii] Removal on grounds of inefficiency; [iii] Discharge on grounds of general unsuitability for further employment in the case of a member of Staff holding a non-established office; [iv] Reduction in rank; [v] Reduction in salary; [vi] Withholding of increment; [vii] Deferment of increment; [viii] Surcharge; [ix] Reprimand; and/or [x] Warning. g.

Any aggrieved member of Staff may petition the Company on matter relating to the exercise of powers vested in it by law or by this Manual by sending such through his/her immediate senior official. h. Every petition shall be addressed to the Human Resources Manager. i. Any member of Staff writing a petition should convey his/her message in polite words. On no account should any abusive word be used. j.

Any petition forwarded in circumstances different from those stated above shall be returned to the petitioner and his/her attention shall be drawn to the point with which the petition has not complied. k. The decision of the Management on any petition shall be communicated in writing to the petitioner. 1.6: Training and Development: The Company will, from time to time, organize training programmes in form of seminars and/or workshops to sharpen the skills of its members of staff. However, a member of Staff of the Company that has put in at least five [5] years of continuous satisfactory service shall be entitled to study leave with pay for a period not more than six [6] months.

This is subject to the fact that the proposed training/course of study is relevant to his/her duty in the Company. 1.7: Health and Safety: a. The Company shall be responsible for the medical treatment of each member of Staff of the Company as well as two [2] other members of his/her immediate family. Each member of Staff should forward the names and particular of the selected/preferred members of their family to the Records Section for appropriate action.

b. The Company shall be responsible for the treatment of any injury and/or loss incurred by any member of Staff of the Company during the course of his/her duty. 1.8: Absence, Sickness and Lateness Policy: a. A member of Staff of the Company may be dismissed if without reasonable excuse, he is absent from duty without leave or if on grounds of ill health, without production of medical report to that effect. b.

A member of Staff who without reasonable excuse is absent from duty shall receive no pay for the period of such absence. c. A member of Staff who is prevented by illness from performing his/her duties shall be entitled to sick leave as follows: [i] At full pay for up to three [3] months or [ii] At half pay for any period exceeding three [3] months. d. Where a case of habitual lateness is established against a member of Staff, he/she will be queried. If he/she fails to improve after three [3] queries, he/she will be punished accordingly. 1.9: Gross Misconduct Policy: Where a case of gross misconduct is brought against any member of Staff, a special committee shall be constituted to investigate the matter.

The committee shall decide the level of involvement of the member of Staff and administer necessary punishment. The decision of the committee shall be final. 2.0: As you are all aware, this Company is an Equal Opportunity employer. Therefore, to meet up with the recently amended Equality Act1, we are changing our means of payment. The pay packet of each member of Staff shall be determined on merit.

All conditions that previously decide the payment profile of each member of Staff in different manners had ceased. We are therefore imploring ALL members of Staff to brace up for quality services in order to attract necessary rewards. 1

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