Essays on Interviews in Recruiting of Employees for World Bank Assignment

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The paper "Interviews in Recruiting of Employees for World Bank" is a delightful example of an assignment on human resources. World Bank is a United Nations branch; it is in the United States, Washington. It was started in 1944 with an aim to reduce poverty in developing countries. It provides loans and financial assistance to membered countries all over the world. In this question, I have decided to be a Human Resources Manager of the World Bank, by conducting an interview with recruiting employees to work in different departments in the Bank.

The interview will be tight because the number of interviewees is high. Interviewing is the best way to recruit employees because it completely assesses interviewee knowledge and interpersonal skills. Tell us what you understand about the World BankThe answer to this question helps to evaluate the experience of the interviewee about the bank. It helps to identify if he/she has a self-interest in the bank and if they know what they will be doing in the bank. They know roughly about the activities conducted in the bank, the purpose of the bank, its strengths and weaknesses.

It will help to identify the most serious interviewees in the interview and those who have attended just for the sake of attending. How can you handle a misbehaving client in your office? This question identifies the performance of the interviewee and his customer service skills. Their attitude concerning a problem with their clients and how they can best solve it. The performance matters in any business because it also depicts how the interviewee will be relating to the other workers and the top management. Good behavior is a crucial component in an interview.

Do you have any cash handling experience? This question will assess how the interviewee can handle much cash that is flowing in his day to day activities. It looks at the transparency of the individual to handling cash if he/she knows how to record balance sheets and other cash flow documents, how to best avoid stealing money or the disappearance of money with no exact source. Tell us more about the banking law amendment billThis question helps to know if the interviewee knows more about the current affairs concerning the banking sector, what change has been made lately, the performance of other banks, the importance of listening to the news and reading some banking journals. What do you understand by the term depositing, withdrawing, cheque and bank slips? This question helps to identify if the interviewee knows some basic terms of the banks.

It helps to avoid misunderstanding or poor performance skills of the worker. This question helps to identify the education and experience level of the interviewee. General knowledge about the subject in which one will be interviewed. In summary, interviews are important in recruiting employees because they help to assess the information and performance skills of the employees.

It will help to counter any work-related problems after recruiting employees.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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