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health communication mediums for Alzheimer’sStage 3health communication mediums for Alzheimer’sThe awareness regarding the prevention and the post disease condition of Alzheimer’s is very important. There are many means that have played vital roles in making public quite aware of it. In my First and the Second stages of study about this disease I have discovered many differences in the media sources. These were sometimes very minute and sometimes are really vast, creating more confusion. As we check the information, we find that some of these information are not enough and sometimes they are more complicated to understand.

In some cases the hurdle is all about the format and the style that hassles the learning process. Selwood A, Johnston K, Katona C, Lyketsos C, Livingston G (2007) made a very strong recommendation regarding nursing facilities fro the Alzheimer’s disease, at home. This is something that struck me first. Instead of being more elaborative about the disease this particular article: "Systematic review of the effect of psychological interventions on family caregivers of people with dementia". Journal of Affective Disorders; discusses more about the medical support for the patient.

In a way it is less elaborative and very limited. The narrations seems very abrupt to me and is raw to a great extend. This is really the biggest drawback to this write up and thus is not a proper asset for public awareness purposes. Less elaborations and the lack of comprehensiveness about the history and the post conditional circumstances makes it a piece of write up that give partial information about the disease. The same thing is found in the article published in alz. org.

Here too the elaboration about the disease is very less; though of course there are all kinds of support presented for the patient. These two sources discusses with elaboration about the preparation that has to be made by the family for all sorts of emergency-response devices. These emergency devices such as a bracelet or necklace equipped with a push-button radio transmitter that can be activated when a medical problem arises. These are some tips about the care that should be given to the patient but the site is not that scientifically clear about the disease.

At alz. org, the descriptions are very limited and there is no space for any further expansion. It limits various sources and thus there are many less explanatory sections. There are many kinds of sources and many kinds of links through which the site would have made some more elaborative demonstrations, but it was not done. As the domain name suggests the site should have been an encyclopedia for this disease but to utmost disappointment it is not. There is limited information all around and surfing this site also turns to be a matter of more time consumption. As against these two sources I would like to say that webmd. com is a far better site.

It has got all the information and all kinds of solution to the various aspects related to Alzheimer’s disease. It also is well stuffed with glossary and all kinds of news and information related to the topic of concern. This site is a well equipped and well stuffed with all kinds of understandable and detailed elaboration. As you visit this site, you will find that there are many interesting things that are related towards the prevention of this particular disease.

I found this site exclusively useful for both layman and for any medical student.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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