Essays on Stakeholder Management of Construction Projects Literature review

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The paper “ Stakeholder Management of Construction Projects” is an impressive example of the literature review on management. Program stakeholders play a major role in determining the success of a project in any field but more so in large construction projects. A large construction project is an extremely large and expensive construction project normally costing billions of US dollars, mostly funded by the government and other private investors. The uncertain and complex large construction projects nature need an effective approach of stakeholder management to accommodate the conflicting interest of stakeholders.

In addition, there are a number of stakeholders involved in any construction project due to the extensive knowledge required to complete any construction. In this regard, the ability to manage stakeholders plays a major role in determining the successful completion of the project. The main aim of the construction project is to develop wealth and business. To manage this, stakeholders are needed to take part in the process whether consequently or intentionally by contributing inputs, experiencing inconveniences, and incurring costs. The construction industry in Karim et al. views is a very risky and competitive business.

Its competitive form together with the participants conflicting objectives in processes of construction have posed numerous challenges to the industry. Therefore, successful management of construction projects depends highly on management skills, relationships, and successful deliverables to effectively attain the objectives of the project. Therefore, the project manager has to identify the stakeholders involved in any project. In addition, it is very essential for project managers to address the expectations of stakeholders in the entire project lifecycle, stating their concern on handling the conflicting range of wishes and needs which require further attention in creating project strategic objectives.

Managers require re-evaluating their operations and strategies to optimize the needs and satisfaction of the stakeholders via efficient and effective management. This paper explores various literature addressing the issue of stakeholder management in construction projects focus on the challenges and how to resolve them.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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