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Starbucks comments Question Dear Alice, Your stages are well ranked and explained. In step five, you have expounded on how it is important to continue testing the customers’ preferences towards the commodity and also evaluating the return of the product to the firm. Therefore, what is the importance of the corporation to keep on testing customers’ preference toward their output? Secondly, by continuously reminding customers on the existence of a new product, will it boost the sales of the corporation? Finally, is this method of continuously reminding the customer about the existence of the product not expensive for the firm? Dear Clarisa, You have highlighted that the companies have used various cross-sectional surveys to help them come up with appropriate research that will help them in launching their credit card.

Some of the surveys you have accentuated are sample designing and online panel; which of these methods is convenient thus giving the most desired output information? Your recommendation will be highly cherished by business people who would like to adopt one of you best-preferred survey method. Hello Elizabeth, It is factual that Starbucks did a substantial research by involving both customers who were card-users and non-users in order to achieve realistic outcome that will help in making decision.

However, the concept of involving non-users of the card may inevitably affect the data output. The non-users of the card may not have sufficient knowledge to either recommend or oppose the importance of Duetto card thus the decision that Starbucks formulates and implements using the data may be inconsequential. Therefore, try to expound on how the participation of non-users of the card can make this research appropriate.

Regards Question 2 Dear Alice, Your clarification of how efficacious Starbucks was in using the online survey to collect data is remarkable. The online survey, according to you exploration, will enable Starbucks in plummeting costs and also covering a wider region. Nevertheless, the online survey is prone to measly and bogus responses from the respondents who lack the aspiration to contribute to the company’s improvement. Therefore, online survey may be incompetent in collecting realistic data thus treacherous in using to make decision by companies. In trying to avoid forged responses, is there any other research type that can be used in overcoming ingenuous and unrealistic comments? Dear Clarisa, Your decision to use panel versus river method instead of online survey is satisfactory as it is convenient, flexible and accurate (Walker, 2010).

Nonetheless, it has drawbacks of impending reliability and produces incomplete responses thus it may be unfavorable for it obstructs the accomplishment of desired information by the researcher, and this may lead to scanty feedback (Pamela, 2006). Hence, panel versus river method is not appropriate for Starbucks to use in determining whether Duetto-card would be applicable for its customers for this method results in half-finished responses and lacks consistency. Hello Elizabeth, You offer an exemplary analysis of the question thus tremendously contributing to and emboldening our already acquired knowledge.

Your emphasis on the credibility and validity of responses is outstanding. Evidently, face-to-face survey would have provided an opportunity for the researchers to learn more from the respondents but would have been more costly and this might have been the motive why Starbucks obviated it. Your itemization of the pros and cons of online survey used by Starbucks would have made a great difference if well exemplified since they are apparently solid.

Regards Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for your inquiry. The main concern was on the panic of intervieews towards abating responding to emails as they perceive the email might disclose their privacy since all details are captured by the computer. Secondly, not all people would prefer responding to online interviews that require them to expose their individual privacy to the public (Walker, 2010). Hence, this will inevitably frustrate Starbucks ability to acquire vivacious information that is vital in decision-making. Dear Alice Vokshi, Your perception is reasonable as you desire the interview to be conducted online and to involve those customers who can access internet instead of telephone survey which is classy, luxurious and expensive.

Conversely, this will limit Starbucks ability and capability to attain vibrant information pertaining to the suitability of Duetto card (Pamela, 2006). Furthermore, not all people can access the internet and besides this if the research is to be conducted online it can be unsuitable for it is prejudiced. Telephone survey, though it is expensive, is convenient in obtaining significant feedback that will be necessary for making critical and direly needed decisions. References Pamela, S.

(2006). "Starbucks, Bank One, and Visa Launch Starbucks Card Duetto Visa". Retrieved from http: //highered. mheducation. com/sites/dl/free/0073373702/855246/Starbucks_duetto_Visa. pdf Walker, I.  (2010). Research Methods and Statistics.  Palgrave& Macmillan, London.

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