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Assignment 8: Green Management/ Green Plan Lecturer: I. Introduction. Starbucks Environmental Green Plan is a management initiative environmental strategic plan for the Starbucks Company. Since our company first opened in 1971 as a single store in Seattle, we have experienced a considerable growth over the years to the extent of offering some of the world`s finest fresh-roasted whole been coffees. As noted in our website, ( Starbucks Coffee Company), that from the beginning our company set out to be a different kind of company, it is with this rich background that our environmental green plan seeks to encompass our business activities with nature.

It is to this effect that the Starbucks Environmental Green Plan has been prepared with clearly defined objectives, goals, strategic actions and approaches that will enable our company to prosper in an environment friendly business operations world. Starbucks environmental Green Plan focuses on two major concerns, that of sustainability and resilience. These two concerns will ensure that Starbucks has the capability to continue operating normally generating profits as per the targets set and withstand any adverse environmental disturbances.

The plan mainly responds to solid waste management and power and energy. II. Solid-Waste Management. As noted in Britannica. com, solid waste management is the act or process of collecting, treating and disposing of solid material that is discarded because it has served its purpose and is no longer useful. Since Starbucks mainly provides, ready-made coffee, tea, pastries and other edibles, we are frequently challenged when it comes to collecting and enhancing the disposal of our solid wastes. Our plan seeks to improve our waste collection methods more precisely in our new markets in developing countries by employing more kitchen support staff who will be tasked with sorting out solid and semi-solid wastes from our out-lets into various categories of recyclable and non-recyclable wastes.

The recyclable wastes will be labelled appropriately and the non recyclable wastes will be further categorised into food wastes for the purposes of preparing organic manure and others wastes for the purposes of proper disposal. III. Power and Energy. Environmental journalist Simran Sethi in Quest describes energy as what makes change happen and power as the rate of transfer of energy.

In Starbucks power and energy will fall under electricity consumption and usage. In order to maximize our profits in a more environment friendly way Starbucks should consider proper lighting in all our outlets and use of environment friendly sources of energy in our daily operations. This will involve the structuring, remodelling and strategic placement of our outlets in environment friendly buildings that will ensure: 1. Proper lighting so as to reduce electricity consumption, by addition of more windows and glass walls to allow for the entry and use of natural light. 2.

Use of solar panels for the purposes of generating adequate electricity needed for provision of extra lighting and running of light electrical equipments. IV. Resources and Funds needed Considering the amount of work to be done so as to achieve the Starbucks Environmental Green Plan, we will need the following resources and funds. i. Resources a) Two to three more kitchen support staff at each outlet. b) Two to three extra waste disposal bags per week. c) Three extra waste bins or buckets. d) Solar panels and electrical equipments necessary. ii.

Funds a) Provision for salaries for the three extra staff (USD $8000). b) Funds for the purchase of three extra waste-bins (USD $300) c) Provision of funds for the purchase of three extra disposal bags every week (USD $30) d) Provision of funds for the purchase of solar panels and other needed electrical equipments (USD $1000). e) Provision of funds for the remodelling of existing outlets to meet the set conditions or relocation of existing outlets to environment friendly premises that meet the set conditions(USD $10000). Starbucks Income Statement For the year ended December 31, 2015 REVENUES Sales 150,000 EXPENSES Salaries and wages 8,000 Water and power (200+1000) 1,200 Inventory supplies (300+30) 330 Other expenses (relocation and remodelling) 10,000 19,530 INCOME BEFORE TAX 130,470 Income tax expense 500 NET INCOME 129970 V.

Expected problems Some of the problems that might arise during the implementation of this plan and their solutions are: 1. Inadequate staff due to extra waste sorting; - This will require sourcing of more additional personnel to fill the gap 2. Source of necessary funds; - With a small increase in price of other products apart from coffee and tea, we will be able to factor in the funds in the annual budget. References: 1.

Jerry A. Nathanson, Environmental Technology: Water Supply, Waste Disposal and Pollution Control. Available at: www. britannica. com. 2. Simran Sethi, Return to Energy, Quest. Available at: www. science. kqed. org 3. Starbucks Coffee Company. Available at: www. starbucks. com

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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