Essays on Starbucks's Company Internet Marketing Mix Strategy Case Study

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Generally speaking, the paper "Starbucks's Company Internet Marketing Mix Strategy" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. Businesses have always had ups and downs in their running. The eatery industry has been on the rise and the need to maintain position has been an issue worthy to address. In this report, the discussion of the Starbucks enterprise will form the basis and the main issues to tackle will solely concern the use of internet in the marketing of products from the enterprise 2Starbuck marketing mix strategy 2.1 Online marketing Starbucks being the largest coffee seller enterprise has had the chance of using the strategies that have made it be at the top in this sector.

The enterprise uses the 4p elements, of marketing which are: product, price, place and promotion which have been enhanced in terms of efficiency through online advertising using the Starbuck website, my Starbucks idea. The website acts as a platform that allows the enterprise to have an overall liking of its products through the collection of ideas and this helps in the improvement of its product (Siegel 2004).

The one-stop website by Starbuck helps in the marketing of the different places the enterprise is located. The introduction of the Starbuck cards in 2001 has helped in the selling of the products. The card has the element of recharge where customers can buy products from any outlets of the enterprise. These have been manageable since they allow the access of the enterprise in different areas hence the issue of the place is catered for. The Starbuck reward promotion has always done the trick in the promotion of coffee products. The internet has proven to be very efficient in the transaction processing the company uses in the acquisition of customer wants which help in the sales and also through partnering. 2.2 Branding strategy The current economic meltdown has to some extent brought down many companies and promoted others (Lee2001).

The leveraging of this phenomena and the venturing into many risky business strategies has always made the downfall or the success of many businesses in recent times. Branding has taken a notch higher and has always been used in the promotion of the company products.

Starbuck has not been left behind in this undertaking since the promotion it has recently undertaken is massive and also risky. The use of traditional media has been downplayed due to the high development in the web-based platforms in the promotional arena (Collins, S& Ward 2010). Social networks have been the focal point in the delivery of messages concerning a product (Payton 2009). The introduction of Frappuccino on Facebook and twitter has been away in the promotion of new brands that has specific audiences. The introduction of new brands has many triggering feelings towards the product in question.

Depending on the kind of the product customers may form groups in these social networks online and establish forums which may talk good of the product or trash it. This uncertainty may discourage many businesses but Starbucks has done it due to the trust the customers have in the enterprise’ s products and services. The introduction of brands may necessitate the introduction of promotional plans that negates the online-based platforms in the promotion of more practical encounters that give the much-needed experience.

The use of in-store promotional and campaign activities cannot be ignored. Starbucks enterprises have been on the frontline in the promotion of their products using the in house drives. Taste challenge drive is one of the methods where the customers are offered products from the enterprise and they determine which best appeal to them. This helps in the provision of products that have a wide market pool courtesy of feedbacks given. Others include the ‘ bring a reusable tumbler and get a cup of coffee’ drive. All this has been made possible through the use of online services to reach the most needed audiences.

From this, it is established that Starbuck uses the social, message, commerce and assets in its brand strategy making the unbeatable enterprise in this sector thanks to the many brands it has for its customers.


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