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The paper "Starting and Managing Businesses" is a great example of an essay on business. Start-up businesses play a huge role in the economy of countries and most people enter the world of business through small or medium-sized companies. Most successful companies today, like Wal-Mart, Apple Computers, Microsoft, and eBay, were at one time someone’ s idea. Business ideas eventually become real businesses. During the inception stages, the companies that people look up to as ideal companies had little or no influence in their markets. A company such as Apple had fewer than fifty employees at the time it was starting up, but today, it is one of the biggest technology giants with thousands of people as its employees.

Thousands of entrepreneurs out there seek to start businesses every year. However, not all turn out to be successful. On the other hand, managing a post-start-up venture is also challenging, and it calls for special strategies to move to the expansion level. This paper assesses the processes that entrepreneurs should go through in developing pre-start-up ventures and managing post-start-up ventures. Considerations for Pre-Start-ups Start-up Choices Before starting a business, a would-be entrepreneur should consider several things that will ensure that he or she is ready for it.

It is advisable to search deep within one’ s heart to ascertain whether starting a business is a good idea or not. This decision is essential in the business world, especially start-up businesses are flaunted with numerous challenges. Becoming an entrepreneur calls for courage and sacrifice, at least in the initial stages. If someone is not ready to leave a permanent or secure job and start a venture that will drain resources including time, then the decision to go into business may be regrettable.

The working hours in a start-up are sure to be more as compared to an established company. On the other hand, the pay is most probably lower as money is in short supply during the initial stages (Cohan, 13). At this point, a small quiz on whether one is ready to be an entrepreneur can help in highlighting the readiness of a person (Wicks, 5).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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