Essays on Statement of purpose to apply MBA program of CSU fullerton Admission/Application Essay

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ment of Purpose ment of Purpose I reckon that good education makes one different and this is the certainty I have with an MBA from CSU Fullerton. I took an English major in my undergraduate training and I have decided to pursue CSU Fullerton’s MBA in order to establish my business and management skills. I have worked for six years in the international business field and three years in management. My work experience has given me valuable encounter with the world of business that has culminated in a desire to pursue specialized training in business hence my choice for MBA.

One of the reasons I am choosing to study in CSU is the confidence that the knowledge I got from my undergraduate training about European and American cultures will suffice to make it easy for me to cope with both work and study. Studying in CSUF will also be exciting to me because of the admiration I have always had for the freedoms in America. Tuition has been one of my important considerations when I have been looking for a school from which to pursue my MBA.

This is because I intend to pay for my tuition and as such, I need a school that fits my means. CSUF will allow me to get a job and attend MBA classes part-time. CSUF’s tuition payment plan is an impressive package and it should give me an easy time managing my finances through the course of study. CSU Fullerton MBA’s many concentrations will give me a chance to select the concentration that fits my career goals best. CSUF’s on-campus activities are rare avenues for me to learn the things I will not learn in class as well as opportunities for me to bond and network with guests, faculty, and colleagues.

My study in CSUF will particularly benefit from its highly qualified and reputed faculty. I believe that the study-groups tradition among CSUF MBA students will help me be a better team-worker. I gather there are many students who are on the part-time program who find study groups an important asset of study. I am positive that when combined with my commitment and devotion, study groups will help me perform better.

CSUF’s curriculum is ranking high and I trust it will help upgrade my knowledge after seven years in the world of work. I have gathered that the program is intensive, rigorous and I have to think on my feet. This is precisely the kind of studying environment I need in order to realize the difference I envision. A chance to study in CSUF will be an opportunity for me to define my career path better. The training will equip me with research skills that are becoming increasingly important in the world of business.

A business executive who uses research as a source of knowledge in making their decisions will direct their businesses better than those who use intuition. CSUF MBA will help me grow corporately and personally and I look forward to having an exciting time. Forbes ranked CSU in the top 100 public institutions and it is encouraging to know that one is joining the winning team. Reference California State University Fullerton. Department of Management. California State University Fullerton.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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