Essays on Statistical Data Analysis (Business Quality) Assignment

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Task 1Graphing Procedures Excel offers a variety of graphing procedures, which allow us to visually inspect our data for errors/problems and provide us with a visual snapshot of our results. Although several graphs are available, only two common graphs will be outline below (bar graph and Pie chart). (a) - Pie Charts provide a lucid visual summary of the distribution of a variable or a categorical variable with several categories. Pie charts are only used when the values a variable can take are limited. This graphical method appropriate for nominal and ordinal variables where the proportion in each category of a variable is represented as a segment of a circle. By frequency table one can easily examine the results, see table below: ProblemRespondentsCumulative Frequency%Cumulative%Late Delivery202024.0963824.09638Faculty Products254530.1204854.21686Per Sales Service5506.02409660.24096Late Invoice3533.61445763.85542Damaged Packaging5586.02409669.87951After Sales Service6647.22891577.10843Incorrect Invoice107412.0481989.15662No Internet Site98310.84337100Total83100Pie ChartThis pie chart is a good visual tool for assessing the relative frequencies of each problem.

At a glance we observe that the majority about 30% customers highlighted that the problem “Faculty Products”, according to 24% problem persist because of late delivery, 12% customers point of views are observing that its due to “Incorrect Invoice”, 11% respond that problem raised due to “No internet site”, 7% respond tat it persists “After Sales Service”, rest of 6% responds its by “demanding packaging” and same 6% due to “per sales service”.

Lastly the least responses about only 4% customers saying that problem persist due to “Late Invoice”. (b) - Bar ChartBar charts allow us to show the distribution of cases into particular categories. To demonstrate we will examine the customer perceptions and views towards problem to improve current level of customer service.

Again one can easily examine through this graph that “Faculty Products” and “Late Delivery” are two major areas to be improved. (c ) - Merits of Using Pie chart and Bar chartAs the facilitators of an upcoming presentation, the presentation will describe three quality management tools. Quality management team (QIT) will allow people to see different ways of performing work in a quality way. Each quality improvement charts will give the reader some in-sight on what the quality management tool is and how it is used to improve work processes.

By implementing quality management charts a company can improve the process of how work is done to provide customers the best of the best. Two of the charts have been chosen and through this study, a better understanding of the quality improvement charts are presenting. This study presented the definitions of two quality management tools that are used along with others that help improve work processes. Each is used to create a better quality product and/or service that serve customers satisfaction. The two quality management tools selected for this study were pie-chart and histograms.

By implementing quality management techniques a company can improve work process that will provide a better product quality and service to their customers. Using these tools Quality improvement Team will allow companies to provide quality products and services that people will benefit from as well as the companies that present the products and services. Pareto Chart(a) - Pareto Analysis

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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