Essays on Enterprise Resource Planning Technology for Master Degree Personal Statement

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The paper "Enterprise Resource Planning Technology for Master Degree" is a worthy example of a personal statement on business. Ever since my undergraduate, I have longed to further my knowledge in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology; as such, I was elated when I learned of the opportunity to pursue an ERP technology master's degree at the University of Victoria in Australia. The knowledge and skills learned and acquired from this course will play a great deal in enhancing my future career prospects and taking our family business to the next level.   I am motivated to study ERP taking into account how the increased level of competition has largely affected how businesses operate especially in the 21st century.

Nowadays, it has become necessary to embrace ERP technology in order for a business to gain a competitive advantage, increase efficiency and effectiveness in business operations. This is considering that ERP technology integrates business information and activities at one point to facilitate easier and faster operations. Furthermore, it enables management and automation of business activities especially those related to human resources and technology.

As a business in our home country look to and aspire to diversify their markets ERP will be vital to ensure their success and hope to be part of the team assisting our local business to compete globally. The other motivation behind choosing a master's degree in ERP technology is to acquire knowledge so that I can apply it in running my family factory. It has been a dream since childhood to foresee increased success and profitability of the family business by the application of modern technology and knowledge. Thus, I am confident with knowledge in this field, it would be much easier for me to place the family business at a competitive niche in our local market.

I am certain that knowledge and skills acquired from ERP technology especially will enable restructure it in a way to downsize the cost of operation incurred before embracing the system. Moreover, studying a master's degree in ERP technology could place me in a better position in the job market as recommended by the Saudi Ministry of high school. During my undergraduate studies in Canada, I happened to interact with people of diverse backgrounds who improved my interpersonal skills.

  While being there, my English improved a great deal, this makes me aggressive as I can now work in any English-speaking nation. Similarly, am well conversant with Arabic as my native language, which gives me another competitive advantage over other candidates due to my bilingual capability. This also opens up other opportunities for passing the skills and knowledge gained to local Arabic natives on ERP, and thus studying ERP would not only be helpful in furthering my own interest but the entire society. Finally, in the pursuit of becoming a prominent entrepreneur in Saudi Arabia, I look upon studying ERP technology master's degree at the University of Victoria in Australia, as this is an ideal institution with a good reputation.

Considering their mission statement, I am confident to acquire modern-day skills and exposure to help enter the business domain prepared to face challenges without much ado. I have no doubt meeting highly required standards and I look forward to becoming a distinguished alumna of the university.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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