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Essays on Stealth Electrical Bikes - High Quality Assists the Brand to Stay among the Top Sellers of Electrical Bikes Worldwide Case Study

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The paper “ Stealth Electrical Bikes - High Quality Assists the Brand to Stay among the Top Sellers of Electrical Bikes Worldwide" is a  delightful example of a case study on marketing. Due to the outstanding performance of Stealth Electric Bikes limited, most of the products have accessed the Queensland market and New South Wales markets. Their products have also been preferred by most customers in comparison to their competitors. This could be caused by some of the recent manufactured competitive products. According to (Van 2012), some of the recently manufactured products are two powerful electric bikes named bomber and fighter that have a speed of over 80km/h.

They have quality batteries which cover 70 miles per every charge. These electric bikes are made from high quality and strong aerospace materials. They are also made with integral skills in electric automobile technology. The machines have no sound and the only sound one can hear is when the machine is at a very great speed. It has other models of motorbikes that are sold at affordable prices. Stealth limited aims to sell its product in Queen's land and New South Wales markets areas because of anticipated potential markets.

These areas also have a stable political environment, stable sources of incomes are less affected by inflation rates and have fewer competitors. It aims at making movement and transports fast and reliable even in jungle areas of Queen's land and the southern parts. They also aim to offer their products which are of high quality at affordable prices. Company OverviewWhen conducting the current market situation analysis the company should evaluate its current status and one of the analyses is the market overview.

Stealth Electric Bikes Company is based in Australia at the place called Melbourne. It started during the year 2005. It is an engineering company that is outstanding in the production and manufacture of electric bikes. Its products are preferred by people who cover long distances especially on jungles (Van 2012). The company uses marketing principles to operate its day to day business operations. In selling and distributing their products the company sells to customers directly without bias or prejudice. The company also sells through sales representatives who help the company to evaluate the condition of the market at the marketing and distribution levels.

The company has a quality control department that evaluates and enhances the quality of motorbikes produced. The products are also in conformity with the bylaws and standards required by the Australian government. The products are also legalized to be sold in Queensland and the south Wales markets (Ciopi 2010). CompetitorsThe company has been devised ways and means of remaining competitive in the Queensland and South Wales markets. One of the ways of remaining competitive is producing fast machines that are of high quality and with affordable prices to the consumers.

For instance, they have produced very fast electric bikes of 70km/hour. One is called the bomber and the other is called the fighter. Stealth Electric bikes have a power of over 750 watts. Stealth has also analyzed and identified some of its competitors. Some of the competitors of stealth are Stromer Electric bikes which offer an Electric bike of 600watts power, Focus Jarifa which has about 300 watts and Kalkhoff about 250 watts (Buczynski 2012).

Compared to all competitors Stealth electric bikes are the toughest and also affordable.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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