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Store Evaluation There are many departmental and retail stores in my vicinity but one of the most popular, busy and profitable retail store is “IMTIAZ SUPER STORE”, located at Bahadarabad (Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town) from where I prefer shopping frequently due to various reasons. Imtiaz Super Store is one of the best retailer and leading store in my city. According to the current statistics that over 60,000 to 70,000 people are weekly visiting and purchasing grocery to medicine and clothes to general house hold items, also bakery items, toys, shoes, bags, cosmetics, electronic items etc from there.

Public prefer to shop from this store because of good quality of products, wide range of medicines, huge variety of house hold items, range of stylish shoes and bags, wonderful quality foods and many more. After visiting, I have noticed some specific reasons of its popularity and public interest, which are being illustrated below; 1. Atmosphere Its atmosphere is centrally air conditioned, and alleys are wide and customers’ help desks are available at every convenient point. 2. Arrangement of goods The goods are properly placed in various compartments.

Each compartment is labeled and tagged with properly visible plate for the ease of customers. Through this arrangement the items could be picked easily from there and comparison may become easy to purchase economic and good item. 3. Presentation of goods Most wanted and items are always placed in front of the rack which may avoid the rush of purchasers for long time. Breakable and fancy items are placed on wide rack. 4. Rates and quality of products Rates of all products are slightly less in compare to market rates and the quality of products is always good.

No expired items are available for customers. 5. Cooperation with customers Store has arranged cooperative and helping staff which helps the customers in shopping. 6. Discount on various item In compare to market price they offer discounts on various items such as 10% off on medicines, 5% off on food items, and 10% off on grocery. 7. Deals Time by time they offers different deals of same product items or mixed product items for their valuable customers such as “Buy 1 get 1 Free”, “Spend 1000 and get a gift hamper”, “Win fabulous prizes through lucky draw on purchase of selected item”, and so on. 8.

Free Sampling of newly arrived products As thousands of customers are visiting this store weekly for shopping therefore big brands are always offering free sampling of their new products in order to promote their products easily due to heavy rush of the customers. 9. Parking Facility Ample and safe parking out side the store is available for customers all the time where customers leave their expensive vehicles and enjoy from the shopping without any tension.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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